When your male genitalia becomes ungodly erect but there's nothing you can do about, usually because you are attending a family gathering or at that damn neighbor boy's bar mitzvah. The massive amount of potential energy bottles up inside you, causing you to sweat in the most unusual places
"I got the meat sweats" exclaimed Timmy, alerting everyone at the funeral
by Puffem'N'Stuffem27 January 20, 2015
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Refers to an intense build up of perspiration as a result of the excess consumption of meat or meat related products.
James needed to mop his brow as he had a bad case of the meat sweats.
by Rodgey December 21, 2005
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To consume an obsene amount of meat resulting in perfuse sweating.
"I went to the brazilian bar-b-que restaurant, w/ 30 different types of meat, and got the meat sweats!!!."
by Telin October 28, 2003
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A condition experienced during sleep characterized by significant discomfort, sweating, and delusional dreams that is triggered by the consumption of large amounts of cured or smoked meats. Condition is related to the high levels of nitrates and salts in the cured meat.
The meat platter that I had for dinner last night at the Serbian restaurant gave me the meat sweats, which kept me up all night with really bad dreams.
by Slobodan July 23, 2005
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What happens when you eat so much meat that your face gets hot and you start to perspire.
"I went to the Churrascaria and ate so much prime rib that I broke out in the meat sweats"
by Christinerine January 21, 2010
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To consume an obscene amount of meat resulting in perfuse sweating - anecdotal evidence can be followed by a "that's what she said" reference.
I'm so full of meat, I'm getting the Meat Sweats..." "That's what she said...
by new directions May 26, 2011
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When you eat too much steak and you start to sweat
"Yo bro we was at carbones last night and i ate a whole fuckin porterhouse and got the meat sweats kid"
by Hambeatz January 5, 2018
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