The best game to be ever released, sadly Jesus will only be a side character, but Shrek is the best character anyway
by Diamondcraft March 10, 2020
A phenomenon that occurs when a piece of media (mostly video games) is put on hiatus or when there is a very large gap inbetween releases, where people will overhype and praise the content to the high heavens, even before release. It then either doesn't get released or does get released, causing everyone to be disappointed because their soaring expectations weren't met, that weren't very realistic in the first place.

This isn't the doings of the developers, this is the doing of the community who in an attempt to keep their hopes up, make excuses about their favorite piece of media being or soon becoming the greatest piece of entertainement ever, e.g. Half Life 3. Aforementioned hopes are then usually crushed and they go to metacritic to rate the item a flat 1 or 2.
Adam: ''My god, Duke Nukem Forever sucked!''
James: ''It was overhyped to all-hell and in development for like 10 years, ofcourse you were going to be let down.''
Adam: ''Classic case of Half-Life 3 syndrome.''
by Pillium December 26, 2013
An overused joke on facebook comments which implies everything has 3 subjects means that Half Life 3 will be released.
3 likes on this; half life 3 confirmed
3 dicks inside my ass; half life 3 confirmed
by TwoBirdsStonedAtOnce July 4, 2013
A popular joke on social websites such as facebook, twitter and even youtube (and many others).
When something has 3 of something on it, they use to say something like examples below.
_____ has 3 ______, Half Life 3 confirmed

...for examle

Triangle has 3 sides, Half Life 3 confirmed!
3 likes on this post, Half Life 3 confirmed!
by physicsmastergta February 25, 2015
Half Life 3 is a game waited for by half life 2 fans. Often referred to what valve could have done better and often also referred as a meme.
Player 1: wanna go to the bad side of steam?
player 2: You mean no life 3?
player 1: ye that side.
player 2: Yea lets se the Half Life 3 Steam
by 4FX April 10, 2018
Turn the word "GABEN" into wing dings, and you'll see the truth...
Half life 3
by Hehe d November 23, 2020