A expression to imply a lot of length or extent .
He is out of your league by half a mile .
by TheLettersYouWrote March 23, 2016
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What a woman calls the experience she has with a man or men when she has a great ride with a well endowed, large or long gifted man, whom she can get on and off quickly.
She sure likes that half mile freeway…
by Observer 777 August 26, 2021
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I flew to denver by myself on wednesday and became a member of the Half Mile High Club.
by Scott Farnsworth December 7, 2005
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Sex in a train going through the Channel Tunnel between England and France, parts of which are half a mile below sea level.
Normally in a toilet but the Half Mile Under Club with Distinction is in a carriage while others are present.
by dustyp August 14, 2009
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The uncertainty of whether or not you sharted while running.
"We have to take a break. Just got a half-mile scare."
by Mike&Josh February 21, 2016
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