Minion of Satan. By some even believed to be superior to Satan himself.
Hairdressers attempt to weaken the world by cutting hair off!
by Albert Worsøe March 8, 2006
Any person who drives a two seater sports car or similiar, ie TOYOTA MR2 etc.
If the car in question is red and the driver is male, this is even more true.
Have you seen Rundy's new car? He's such a hairdresser.
by AztecLeisure April 27, 2005
A pejorative used to refer to an entry level sports car that is just cheap enough for the person you're insulting to afford, but not quite cheap enough for you to afford.
'Oh, you got an Audi TT? That's a hairdressers car.'
by Justanotherredoer April 2, 2018
That one hairstylist from the second Parappa the Rapper game. Japanese name is Takoyama, meaning "octopus". Originally turned into red form from being hypnotized by a tape deck, they instead turn red when extremely angry in the anime.
"Bro, who's your favorite Parappa character?"
"Oh, I'd want Hairdresser Octopus to cut my hair anyday."
by CatInTheFishBowl February 2, 2020
A gay hairdresser is someone you utterly spill your guts to about relationships, breakups, social happenings, and related nonsense.

The phrase takes its origin from how in films and television shows a woman will dump or have a deep self centered conversation with their gay hairdresser or friend.

(The thanksgiving episode of king of the hill is a good example)
"So that was when she broke up with me. I felt like i was dicked around."

"Thats rough."

"Aw, shit, sorry dude. I didn't mean to make you my gay hairdresser."
by AtomickBombick August 23, 2008
Drunken dance which involves waving arms around whilst using fingers to make scissor motion, hence the name. Break spontaneously to demonstrate mirror movements, as if one were showing client their new 'do.
"Hey, let's do the hairdresser dance!"
"He could pull some moves, but he could never beat lucy at the hairdresser dance"
by lucy-lou September 1, 2005
When you a hairdresser totally exaggerates the amount asked cut off your hair!
You: "I'll have an inch off the fringe"
Hairdresser: "Sure"
-Look in mirror-
You: "Thats three inches!!!....silly hairdressers inches....."
by Nudds July 2, 2010