Hailee is The MOST beautiful, AMAZING girl you will EVER meet.
she has a smile that can light up a room nd a beautiful soul to go along with it<3
Everything Hailee does will amaze u. Hailee is an amazing friend nd an over all great person. A personality anyone can love(:
She can and WILL steal your heart in the blink of an eye.
Everything about her is perfect..
Her smile. Her walk. Her.voice. Her presence<3 Simply perfect(:
Her smile tho....especially the one i know she will get when reading this..it will complete u.
Almost unreal.. how 1 person can hold so much beauty.
Hailee will without a doubt take a spot deep inside your heart that no one could ever replace no matter what. a Truly unforgettable girl.
She is a girl with a past, a story, and just as everyone else, a life with regrets along the way.
But if your lucky enough and you can see Hailee for what she really is...well then your just lucky<3
If your lucky enough to call this girl yours...NEVER let her go. shes a keeper.
shes one in a million.
Not one person ive ever met is quite like her.
Hailee will always be there for you. thru thick and thin. No one could ever come close to replacing what she could give.
She is the kind of girl to drop jaws and turn heads.
everything about her. from her amazing personality all the way to the way she "gets you"...all of it is a true blessing from god in which i get the honor to say ive recieved :3
Shes all of that and SO much more..
-The girl who stole my heart<3
"Wow, that Hailee is perfect"
by YoursTruly(: September 30, 2013
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Hailee is a very kind, loving, daring, crazy, daring person that will make your entire day with in word. She is the best friend/person you will havw in your life.
My name is Hailee in real life... Louv all of you other Hailee's out there
by Hailee_xd March 7, 2017
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Hailee is an intelligent and quiet girl who appears to be simple but is actually quite extraordinary. Beneath that shy girl fascade is a compassionate and humorous girl who is always determined to achieve her goals. Although she is often mysterious, one of the things that keeps Hailee interesting is the fact that she always has you on your toes and guessing.
Wow, she’s such a Hailee!
by crosscountry19 December 2, 2018
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The best friend you'll ever have

Love her so much
I love Hailee
by Ashflash_5 November 17, 2016
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The most beautiful inserting caring person in the world. She’s very nice and pretty. And she’ll alwas stick up for her friends.
Hailee you’re awesome

Hailee you’re pretty
by Nightslasher111 December 23, 2017
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A really smart athletic girl who's generous and cares about others. Someone brave and heroic that believes in doing what's right. Someone who's kind and shy but can be outgoing and a strong leader for other people to follow. Most likely misunderstood by other people but very determined and dedicated to what she enjoys anyway.
Hailee loves sports and dreams of being known one day for something incredible.
by PurpleGirl333 June 21, 2011
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Hailee is a really beautiful girl, she i is very pretty and she has this personality that no one can replace that personality. When ever u feel sad and don’t like to talk to anyone Hailee will love u until u tell what is wrong. Hailee has this funny side of her where she is so funny that sometimes it would make me laugh so much I could barely breathe. But anyway I hope u find a Hailee like think and it’s very Rare that someone can be so perfect and beautiful and funny at the same time.
Hailee- *makes funny face , then laughs *

Me - * laughs unconditionally * omg Hailee that was so funny
by Handle blank March 24, 2019
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