Hailee is a awesome person. When she sets her mind to something she always gets it done. She is however very weird, as she will fangirl over Kylo Ren, Charlie Heaton, and Ed Sheeran. Hailee is a huge nerd and the biggest dork you know. She also will stalk you until your days are up. But overall her craziness hailee is loyal and caring and will stay with you forever.
Boy: did you see that new Star Wars?

by ILoveKyloRen December 31, 2017
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3:shakn booty
4:not fat
5:wild thang
6:fun and crazy
by neh u guess:) January 09, 2005
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Hailee is a really beautiful girl, she i is very pretty and she has this personality that no one can replace that personality. When ever u feel sad and don’t like to talk to anyone Hailee will love u until u tell what is wrong. Hailee has this funny side of her where she is so funny that sometimes it would make me laugh so much I could barely breathe. But anyway I hope u find a Hailee like think and it’s very Rare that someone can be so perfect and beautiful and funny at the same time.
Hailee- *makes funny face , then laughs *

Me - * laughs unconditionally * omg Hailee that was so funny
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by Handle blank March 24, 2019
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The most Beautiful Girl on earth. Will make a perfect mother and a perfect wife. The person I want to spend the rest of my life with.
Hailee (last name here), I love you!
by thatnewguy2010 February 03, 2010
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she is awsome she is a great friend dont say her full name she will kill you and dont piss her off she cares about her friends and will do pretty much anything for them.
"her full name" YOUR GONNA DIE AHHH so dont say her full name
by gin gin April 23, 2005
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A person that will be there for you no matter what

A person who is very short and fun to be around
Usually plays one to two sports and is very hyper

She usually has long hair that is very smooth and she wears it down a lot
Her face, very toned with tan skin. The main thing that will draw guys in
Good at flirting but can drop you very easily if you say the wrong thing
She has straight teeth and a smile that makes her look older than she is

Teachers enjoy her company but she can smart off to them and be a bitch
Some days Hailee can get annoyed by everything, If a friend touches her when she's not feeling like talking to people she will flip her shit on you and give you that look. When you become friends with her she won't ever drop you unless you drop her first

She loves to have guy friends because they are more fun in her opinion and she likes going out on weekends with them.
Hailee usually loves country music and country. She will sometimes listen to pop but it depends on her mood
Hailee loves to workout and goes on runs

Hailee has very big beautiful eyes and long lashes that are very vibrant in color
Hailee will never ever judge people and she always has a back story
Hailee is good at twerking and dancing but doesn't do it often because she is a child of God
Hailee is such an adorable little person and so cute to talk to. she looks grown-up even though she is a short thang.
I ran into a Hailee today... she always looks pretty and like she knows what she's doing in life.

Hailee's backstory is long... thats how she can always help people.
by Bitzy2004 October 02, 2019
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an extremely hot beautiful girl who is loved by many. she has boys falling over her and is wanted by Alot of boys. she has very few flaws except that she is too perfect. many girls are jealous.
Boy: I wish I could smash a Hailee

Girl: I wish I was her
by Cool_nice_funny May 14, 2017
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