Deriving from the phrase "Proud to be a Haggerty" in the Macklemore song "Irish Celebration". An Irishman who is proud of his Irish heritage.
Guy One: Dude, you so Irish.

Guy Two: I know. I'm proud to be a Haggerty.
by Dankerman April 4, 2013
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A person of Irish decent, a freckled face hustler, usually with red hair and mandatory freckles. The more red hair you have on your hair/body the more of a Haggerty you are. Usually classy, not good at European football due to their fondness to alcohol, but for every skill they lack on the pitch, they have another skill to make up for it on a bar stool
Macklemore is a true Haggerty
by The classy stud September 14, 2012
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A person who destroys anything they touch.
Usually will urinate on furniture after passing out drunk.
Always eats others food and or leaves it out.
Blocks any opportunity for a person to meet or hook up with the opposite sex.
Known also as loud yelling in a small space.
Guy 1: What happened? You had that chick till that guy came over.
Guy 2: He pulled the biggest Haggerty, I had nothing left.

Scenero 2
Guy 1: OMG is that piss on the couch?
Guy 2: Total Haggerty move. And is that your leftovers on the floor.
by meatstick1 August 27, 2007
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An adversarial or bellicose outlook about alternative or trivial viewpoints. Named after the outspoken Ottawa Whaler's hockey player.
Whenever we talked about UFOs, Sean got really haggerty.
by JonPMartin September 26, 2006
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-to consume food in an outrageously fast manner, such that you are in a food eating competition, without choking or vomitting
If your friend can eat a 6" sub in two bites, you might exclaim, "Man, you haggertied the shit outta that!"

When recounting last night's drunk fast food adventure, you notice that your friend's taco bell bag is empty before you pull away from the window, you could say to your friend, "Did you just haggerty your #3 AND #7?"
by shipoopiNH February 2, 2010
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See that stud over there with the six-pack; he's a real Tim Haggerty.
by word9 July 25, 2008
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