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Hagerstown is a small "city" in Western Maryland, surrounded by small towns full of rednecks, such as Williamsport, Boonsboro, and Clear Spring. Possibly one of the most messed up cultures in the United States, where white people can be "friends" with people of color, and yet be racist at the same time. Also, Confederate Flags can be seen hanging from stoops downtown, and nobody seems to care.

The youth of Hagerstown basically have nothing to do, thus they resort to committing crimes and loitering in places that seem to be public, such as the Valley Mall, but then get kicked out for being there.

The "Ghettos" of Hagerstown would include (But not be limited to) Noland Village, Johnathan Street, and Locust Street. Other real-estate is very expensive and hard to find cheap, so the majority of people live in the "city".

Other places in Hagerstown 'of interest' would be Dual Highway, commonly called "The Dual", where there is nothing but car dealerships and fast food restaurants. A common sight on Dual Highway would be Friday and Saturday Night Racing.

Downtown Hagerstown is inhabited by people in wheelchairs, who for some reason like to "hang out" at the town square, which is the four corners of Potomac and Washington (streets).

"Major" places in Hagerstown would include The Valley Mall, Robinwood Medical Center, the Pool Hall, City Park, the Wal*Mart Shopping Center, Fairgrounds Park, and Turner's Bowling Alley and Skating Rink in Halfway.

The Music from Hagerstown is usually just bluegrass musicians that always seem to play at the Square and Fairgrounds Park. Other music would include Heavy Metal bands, and Skrap Music, a mixture of all different genres, usually put together with humor. Hagerstown's only Hip-Hop radio station, "Wild! 96.7", is usually the only thing that is listened to in resident's cars, despite the fact that everyone complains about the station's "over-play" reputation.

Hagerstown's only ties to actual cities would include Baltimore, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. But, there is also a strange, un-explained tie to people moving to Hagerstown from New York City, particularly Brooklyn.

All in all, Hagerstown is a fun place to live if you are fat, have a mullet, at the age of 47, or if you have a strange fetish for buying and/or racing cars.
If you like racing cars, buying cars, or fat weathermen, you should live in Hagerstown Maryland.
by Anonymous from H-Town September 18, 2007
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A rather odd mix of cultures in a town that should never be together. A town overrun with trailer trash and rednecks, mostly transplants from WV, as well as pimps and gangstas, mostly from Chambersburg, DC, and Frederick, not to mention a few rich business-types from the city.

Anyone who goes to Hagerstown Harvard (Hagerstown Community College) and finished out there is doomed to live in the sad mediocrity of that town. The reason for the overall populace being so idiotic is that all the smart citizens got out while they could.

However, there are a certain few in the town that like to stir things up a bit with water-balloons, muscle cars, blow-up dolls, or whatever they have. What else is there to do in a hick-town like that but make trouble. But please get me the hell out of there!
HCC Slogan: Hagerstown Community College. Stay close, go far.

Me: The fact that the Community College's slogan contradicts itself pretty much sums up what you can expect here... idiots.
by El Horno November 06, 2006
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Hagerstown is a small city in Western Maryland that has been coined the "Hub City" due to its relative location to not only several small towns (Williamsport, Boonsboro, Clear Spring, etc.), but to three bordering states (Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia). Hagerstown's location would seemingly generate a diverse culture, but strangely enough, consists of a primarily black and white population. This intermingling of only two ethnicities has led to an odd occurrence in which many black citizens "act white" and many white citizens "act black." Such actions have resulted in the concept of racism presenting itself, but in an unintentional but disrespectful fashion.
Black friend: "Bro, I'm so sick of everyone in Hagerstown being so darn ghetto."
White friend: "I feel you my ninja. Fools be trippin in deez streets."
Random Bystander: "Wait, what?"
by Frank83223 July 13, 2016
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A growing city in Western Maryland. Surrounded by hick towns (Hancock, Williamsport, Boonsboro) but it is the metropolitan area of Western Maryland. H-Town is highly underrated by bored teenagers who can't find anything to do. Also, Hagerstown only has 10.7 square miles to it's name, but over 37,000 residents living there.
I believe you should be proud of where you live, and that's why I'm proud to be from Hagerstown, Maryland.
by Your Father February 07, 2005
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stupid retarded hick infested sorry excuse for a city.A place where nascar fans congregate religiously.Unknown place part of greater Baltimore....and way to close to D.C. for comfort.

Also known as:
Hagerstown is stupid and you are if you live there also.
by N.A.G. January 11, 2005
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Small town in western MD that kicks ass solely because it is where all your friends are. A place for the imaginative because there is so little to do, if you suck, you won't like it there.
Jon: Dude, there's nothing to do.
Bernidad Magellan: Word. Let's get some guys and play airsoft on the golf course.
Jon: Sounds good. Hagerstown rocks
by Jtrain April 17, 2007
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