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Referrence to vintage jerseys, usually of basketball persuasion. A jersey with a past design, no longer being worn by the team. Another important factor is to make sure the athlete who's name adorns your throw back, was playing for the team at the time the throw back jersey was actually worn on the court.
Little Mickey was shot twice by ghetto thugs for his throw back.
by Your Father August 26, 2003
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Random Ugly Bitch. A game played by guys in which the whole group looks around a room, then stares at the RUB until they either blush or go away. IF she stays they walk over and say to her shes ugly;if she runs they yell it out. Either way its fun.
Hey guys...theres a good RUB right there!
by Your Father March 22, 2003
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To urinate
that yellow stuff that comes out your dick/vagina
"I wanna piss on you" R. Kelly

"I made that fool drink piss" Man on GTA

That was a piss-poor "1" you forged there

He had to take a piss test for cocaine.
by Your Father January 14, 2005
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Porn you can eat...
Honey, I love your pcorn!
by Your Father July 13, 2003
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OG is a straight up gangsta from the Grove (compton), and he writes whack rhymes yo, he'll come up in the place with a gun in ya face, I believe he is made to represent whack rappers such as Ja Rule, Nelly, J-Kwon, and other soft ass pussy bitches who think they're hard
"Don't make me come in the place, wit a gun in my waist, OG! OG!"

"Gun on my waist, I'll punch you in the face"


"That ain't GANGSTA"
by Your Father January 14, 2005
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