2 days after arriving at my ski chalet, I had HAGS non stop!
by CW CO October 21, 2013
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A killer from Dead By Daylight. The most ugliest creature who can no longer be called a female. All who plays her get turned on by her being ugly, and her traps are useless.
Jake: The Hag is an abomination that has a vile temper for being ugly
Carl: Yeah dude, and she is very short, but taller than a leprechaun at least. You should main her though. Her traps are good
Jake: You can just couch the whole time, and never trigger a trap. Very low tier killer they should remove her at least for her well being.
Carl: The hag needs love :(
Jake: Whatever gets you erect is fine unless its children
Carl: I'm not a pedo! XD
by Ragna The Red August 21, 2018
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A word normally used to insult an old lady.
Sentence: "That hag kicked me out of her house."
by Fookin June 23, 2017
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HAGS or Have A Great Summer is an awful term used by sluts and cunts at the end of a school year. People who use this word have no sense of what cringe is. It is used as satire or genuinely by clueless idiots.
"I can't wait to see you guys next year! HAGS!" *gunshot*

"Schools out! HAGS everyone!!!" "Suck my dick!"
by Little Green Edible June 05, 2020
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The nonsensical use of the term "HAGS - have a great summer" used by many in elementary/middleschool to express feelings of I barely care for you. This use of the word persists of two literal definitions:

1.) "This place fucking sucks and I'm leaving..."
2.) You (directed at an unwanted individual) in an attempt to make said person leave the place of party
HAGS can also be used in the past, present, and future tense.
1.) Dude I just missed out on my chance to tap that gymnast chick, so I'm gonna go ahead and drive home drunk...HAGS!"
2.) Frank you just knocked over my antique Thomas the Train 1st edition set, fuck off and HAGS..bitch
by Adamuss May 24, 2009
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Two people who meet in the Fate of Happiness and are soulmates in which their love transcends distance and time.
Natasha: You're my favorite hag

Nathan: Ditto
by Nate_hag August 07, 2018
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Henry and Gaston Sleepovers
HAGS HAGS hags jus hags your a hags
by john servider May 01, 2008
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