Hackey-sack, n.
A pushover without focus or purpose. Like a squid but more predictable. The guy who throws a party for his "crew" but half the people introduce themselves to him during the night.
Boy 1: I fucked Dylan's mom last night and this morning he pretended to not see me walk through the kitchen.
Boy 2: Dude's such a hackey-sack.
Boy 1: Who
by kidkudi February 9, 2022
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soccer based game to improve flexibility and technique when playing soccer or for dance.
"over there playing hackey sack."
by noixz January 15, 2009
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ball sack, man bag, sack, scrotal sack, coin purse, testes, etc.
During a rousing game of hackey i got sacked in the hackey sack.
by Souxie Revenge July 29, 2009
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1. Yo bro we hackey sackin' tonight?

Yea man totally.

2. Could you pick up the hackey sack after school?
yea bro, no problem, you have the money?
by Dr Pepper MD May 12, 2009
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Sacking is when you Hack the Sack too hard
meaning when you hackey sack too much
When you want someone to sack with someone you you say "hey want to sack?" or "don't be a hack do the sack"

the hardcore sackers say "Ayo id rather Hack or die"
Kristen B: "ayo im sacked"
Austin B: "ayo whats sacked mean"
Kristen B: "Its when you hackey sack too much brah"
Austin B: "Brah i sack too hard."
ELabz: "Im sacking"
Kristen B: u can't say that
by hackordie December 15, 2013
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A word to describe a game that pot-heads play. They gather in a circle and toss the sack between one another hitting the sack with there legs, and occasionally the arms. Be careful not to drop the sack, or you lose.
Some slang words include
sackey means when you play to hard and then you become really tired
Hack the sack-
Hack the sack means to hit/play between players
"Don't be a hack, do the sack"-
This phrase is directed haters, who dont sack. This phrase also encourages others to play
Mia H-
"ayo wanna hackey sack?"
Eric K-
"i'm too sackey"
Mia H-
"sack or die"
Eric K-
"okay I'll whack the sack"
by whackthesack December 15, 2013
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When you first squeeze the ass there is some give, giving the squeezor the illusion of a "Fat-ass." However, upon further squeezing, the squeezor realizes that said ass is rather lean at its core, hence the name hackey sack-ass, due to its resemblance to a hackey sack.
Girl 1: "Ya I thought his ass was fat but upon further squeezing I found it to be rather firm."
Girl 2: "Like a hackey sack?
Girl 1: "Ya Totally, it's a hackey sack-ass!!"
by Li the Pious November 27, 2009
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