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A chat website overrun with 12 year olds that can have "sex0rz" with their 12 year old (A.K.A 56 yr old paedophiles) "bf" or "gf".

They attempt to suck up your money by making you buy "credits" (Creds) so you can buy some shit ass "furni" and join the Habbo club so you can be popular with the GrIlZ111!1!1!11!! and get "laid" and impress your 2cm tall "friends". Sounds great, huh? =P

Swearing is "bobbaing" impossible in Habbo Hotel, as every swear word is bleeped out. Sound bad? Not at all... It seems completely fair really, since its overrun with kids, But once you realise it is bleeped out with the word "bobba" you become annoyed, fast. Even if you say a word that isn't actually swearing its messed up by "Bobba" e.g "lass" becomes "lbobba"

Hobba. Hobba's are "moderators" (A.K.A fat kids that eat donuts while playing habbo hotel) that ban you for the fucking crappiest reasons. I got banned for saying my real name. Seriously. Hobba's need to be 18, so they probably have no life if they are 18 playing Habbo.

People create rooms to have "beauty" contests in and create "Jobs" so they can scam other habbos into giving them their password.

This wonderful dish is best not served at all, unless you're 8.
Nerd: Can I see your room?

Me: I don't have a room.

Nerd: Oh okay I hate you.

Me: Ummm...

Nerd: stfu noob I said I hate you!

Me: Ummm okay...

Nerd: omg im reporting you for being a noob!

You have been banned for life for being a noob.

Habbo Hotel
by Greenday678912345 March 13, 2009
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It is a virtual hotel that gets you sucked in and makes you buy fake furniture and makes you spend over $100 on fake furniture. This place really sucks.
Habbo Hotel is a place that sucks you in to buying fake furniture
by Parker July 04, 2004
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A online chatroom which is probably the cause of low grades at schools and unemployment by people playing this instead of worrying about the facts of real life. if you dare to play this, please treat it as a chatroom and not a game. Tends to be full of people who make fansites where they have forums where people come along to chat about the chatroom. You buy credits to pay for furniture (pictures) unlike real life where you pay for something and get something and when you are fed up you can sell it, on habbo you pay for it and get it (in picture form) and in the end of the day its on there server so it remains theres forever and if you do get fed up with habbo you cannot get any money back from it. Another thing you can buy on here is habbo club which is a bad invention because if you arent one you get called a noob and get discrimated which forses you to buy it. Remember go on there to chat, dont live it.
habbo hotel geek: i have 100 rooms loaded with rares he he
guy: i have a real life and im happy
by skel04 October 08, 2005
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100% CRAP
not from concentrate.
Ingredients: 40% 50 year old overweight man-beats wanting 'cyber' for a cheap orgasm, 30% mindless youths buying 'credits' for pixelated furniture, games you can get free, and 'hc badges' to make up for their own unsocial lives, 20% chavs (see other desc.) 5% 'moderators' apparantly keeping an eye on the fuckers while actually what they probably do is sit in a chair with a box of doughnuts dishing out credits and thinking of new ways to scam money from kids,5% actual humain people willing for time-worthy conversation (of which are hard to find).
Conatins 100% of your RDA of SHIT.
Best served chilled.
'moderators': hey kids buy credits and gain the respect and love of your fellow 3cm high friends!
50 year old man-beast: YEY FINALLY! SEXUAL RELEASE!!!!!!!!
habbo hotel
by Cyri October 19, 2006
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Habbo hotel. A giant orange building where there are many rooms with many many 'themes'. You are a 'habbo'. a badly animated pixel bloke/lass who has a p (password) has hackers call it because the word password is banned as are many other words such as pizza and rude words all replaced with bobba. You can control by clicking on where you want to go in a room (where you feel cramped cuz it's overcrowded and lonely cuz you have no furni or people cuz you have no credits cuz your a loser ((or normal person who doesn't waste money on habbo)). Habbo has very VERY strict rules because everyone tries to corrupt the system so the hobbas try to kick everyone. Hobbas are whiny teenage losers who finally get a bit of power when they lie that they are 18 on the internet and become a hobba. They ban you for almost anything and are rather gay. Habbo sucks you in by offering fake virtual furni for real genuine money. If you are hacked or kicked you don't even get a refund. If on habbo hotel for at least a day you will most certainly meet wannabee: hackers, hookers and paedophiles and people who want to cyber (All rulebreakers). Who never seem to get kicked yet YOU do! Habbo SUCKS.
Kids! Don't let HABBO HOTEL suck you in with it's mind washing powers!
Habbo1: Gimme your p and I give you furni!
Habbo2: Here! ****
Habbo1: I have you now! >:D
Habbo2: Nooo! :'(
by Hawke July 26, 2005
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A place on the internet where people of all ages, races, religions, colors, habits, musical preferences, nationalities, politcal views, genders, and sexual orientations can come together to insult each other's ages, races, religions, colors, habits, musical preferences, nationalities, politcal views, genders, and sexual orientations
Peadafile: Hey kid wants some furni?!
stupid little kid: Yeh sure!
~peadafile gives furni to stupid kid~
Peadafile: Hey kid whats your last name?
stupid little kid: My mom says i shldnt giv it out! :(
peadafile: It'll help me get credit!
stupid little kid: oki my names jones, callan jones!
peadafile: Where do u live?
stupid little kid: I shldnt say but i liv in rooty hill!
~peadafile packs up bag and heads for rooty hill primary school~

For more informations see peadafile and kiddy fiddler
by Freak-A-Zoid April 25, 2005
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Habbo hotel is where 11 - 16 year old kids hang out on the internet. its a pretty cool chat when your younger but as you stay on it more you realise how horrible it actually is:

1) The People
People who chat are called habbos habbos have a variety of ways to piss you off. Flooding is where you advertise room such as "mafias" competitions and other bullshit scams. This sad 12 year old is randomly running through "rooms" annoying people because some random guy told him he would be given furni. Mission completed this habbo (now known as Habbodude) goes back to the room he was advertising for his furni pickup. The employer kicks him from his room. Now habbodude gets angry so runs through the room shouting "OMFG Bobbaing Pay Me u Bobba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ugh how annoying

2) The language Filter
Next we have the language filter. With the hotel being a site for younger people the managers are highly against swearing inside the hotel. Understandable. But theres 2 things wrong. The word that is used to substitute said curse word is bobba. how originaly annoying. Habbo hobba bobba, see the pattern here? everytime i see that word it makes me go crazy! Secondly, the language filter is RELENTLESS! it will block the cuss word even if its part of a word. Eg. embarASSed changes to embarbobbaed leading to the author to think of a new word. it will work with anything, i used to have lots of examples but i cant think of any off the top of my head now.

3) The Hobbas (The fuzz)
The hobbas are the hotel moderators. They randomly visit rooms so newbies can gather around them and shout "OMFG j00 R T3h H0bBA!!!!!1" over and over and over! excuse me but they dont do anything. The hobbas application requires that you are over 18 (People who are on this site when they are 18 need friends or alchohol) Have been registered to the chatroom for 12 weeks. Log in more than 200 times (yea, now you are responsible) and to obey the "habbo way" which no-one reads anyway so is a bit pointless. The real way they select hobbas is how much money they have donated to habbo through furni and if they are in the "habbo club." I have yet to see a hobbas with no furni or not in the habbo club!

4) The Extortion
The peer pressure to get furni on habbo is astounding. I was bullied into buying an entire room within the first week i had registered. heres a script

Habbo-Dude: its sort of busy here do you have a room?
Habbo-Guy: No
Habbo-Dude: you n00b! i dont want to talk to you! *walks off
Habbo-Guy: What just happened?
*everyone else in the room leaves
*Message From A Hobba
You have been banned for 5 hours for not having a room

Well thats habbo hotel for you - if your 11 years old and you want to check it out be my guest but in the end you WILL end up starting a crusade to bring it down (like myself )

Goodluck and goodbye - American version - British version (better version)
by Welshwonder May 30, 2005
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