Stands for "haista vittu" (Finnish). Used in the same manner than "fuck you".
hv! (often used by itself)
by declecterium June 3, 2004
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Your blessings: By the power fair in the hour of God's prayer, in the steadiness of Earth's oracles & the readiness of miracles, ur blessings this day hv begun as frm one.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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Head Vagina: the best looking woman in a group
by Iben Wakenoff June 28, 2016
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High Voltage, usually produced by a Flyback Transformer, Neon Sign Transformer, Ignition Coil, or Oil Burner Ignition Transformers
The HV on that neon sign transformer can bite hard
by IvIoo August 21, 2005
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have, the short form used in texting, e-mail or chat (IM or chatroom), have
i hv just quit my job YES!
by Intensity January 10, 2005
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HVS- Stands for Horny Virgin Syndrome. 1.) The state of being horny yet still a virgin. This state can come and go as the virgin's labido rises and falls.
2.) A term to describe a person who is a virgin and also horny. When used in this way, HVS's tendency to stay with a person is undeffined or unlimited.
1.) Friend1- "Is your HVS kicking in again?"
Friend2- "You have no idea. Especially after the bassist removed his shirt.."

2.) Friend1- "This is horrible I need to rid myself of this damned HVS!"
Friend2- "I may be able to help you with that.."
by Shake-The-Disease July 28, 2005
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Baltimore slang for Hunt Valley, Maryland
A place where obnoxious underclassmen-6th graders go to watch movies, walk around, shop, and cause havoc among security guards because what else do we do on summer /weekend nights?

Can be used as Hv-ing, Hv-ed
Eighth grade girl- What are you doing tonight?

Eighth grade boy- I'm going to hv

Eighth grade girl- Cool I'll see you there
by driii July 11, 2008
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