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Touche/Toulche- (Pronounced toe-chay/tol-chay) to know and be in agreement with a friend or other person(s) on a particular subject. Often used instead of "I know you know what I'm thinking and I'm thinking the same as you"
*Some one walks by that you and your best mate would both find really attractive.*

You- Touche?
Friend- Most deffinately Touche.

(Thought shared: "Man, s/he's really, really good looking" or "I'd like to tap that right, left and center.")
by Shake-The-Disease July 28, 2005
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HVS- Stands for Horny Virgin Syndrome. 1.) The state of being horny yet still a virgin. This state can come and go as the virgin's labido rises and falls.
2.) A term to describe a person who is a virgin and also horny. When used in this way, HVS's tendency to stay with a person is undeffined or unlimited.
1.) Friend1- "Is your HVS kicking in again?"
Friend2- "You have no idea. Especially after the bassist removed his shirt.."

2.) Friend1- "This is horrible I need to rid myself of this damned HVS!"
Friend2- "I may be able to help you with that.."
by Shake-The-Disease July 28, 2005
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