the word hutch, is a shortened version for the phrase HO-SLUT-BITCH.... HUTCH
"Mrs. Smith is a HUTCH"
by TODD MCNEIL October 19, 2003
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Hutch is a man who is and extremely amazing person, and is strongly academic. Hutch has the looks and the books. ( as in academics and looks if you did not know). Hutch gets most girls but will (hopefully) stay content with his high school sweetheart. If you are on Pokemon go and happen to find a hutch you gotta catch him ( you do not often see a man like hutch). Hutch is quite a gentleman and he is not to sporty. In occasion for pics he will push is biceps up to make them look better. AKA the famous hutch position. Hutches are mostly attracted to Samantha. But hutches favorite person is always his girlfriends sister. Hutches are usually an only child with two parents. Hutches can usually be spotted near pools beaches or at northwestern. If you happen to be hutches girlfriend you are a very lucky woman ( usually very pretty with brown hair and brown eyes). hutch will also save your life if you drown.

man #1 man that guy looks so cool he must be a hutch

girl #1 I wish I were his gf

man #1 naw he will stay with his high school chick
by KRISTINA22 September 26, 2018
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One half of the famous crime-fighting team from the 70's TV world.
Did you see Starsky and Hutch last night? It was great.
by Adam Black November 5, 2003
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To take a story or joke to the extreme and throw it completely over the edge of any moral standards or proper behavior.

To totally take a joke to a place that is SO WRONG that the room just stares in silence shell-shocked.
"Once I broke my buddy's hand because we thought we could open a beer bottle in the woods by smacking it with a 2x4. Of course that didn't work, and his hand needed lots of stitches."

Followed by (here's the to "hutch it"):

"No, that's not what happened. You all were in the woods and needed the beer bottle opened but instead of doing that, he got down and gave you a blowjob." <cue the odd and awkward silence>
by OTT August 9, 2006
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a combination of ho, slut, and bitch.
Shut up, you stupi, dirty ass hutch.
by james September 3, 2003
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That s'reggin King Hutch.<amrik>
by Reggin Neelia December 9, 2003
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A very nice guys who makes everybody laugh but he is depressed and very sad he has had his heart broken many times and thinks about killing himself he got rejected by Luci and Gabbie but Hutch has some rly awesome friends there names are Bobby Tania Wyatt Sam Hutch also love to skateboard and skimboard.
Hutch : hey Gabbie wanna go out with me

Gabbie : eww gross no
Hutch : hey luci wanna go out with me
Luci : no I don’t give a f***
by Hutch Allen Timms December 2, 2019
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