"Hard through text" - When you are text messaging someone and it is better said over the phone or in person. you can use the acronym HTT to help respond quickly.
Friend: What did you do on vacation last week?
You: HTT, but when I see you later I'll explain
by Matteo Pica August 17, 2012
An abbreviation for Hard To Tell. For situations when it's difficult to determine an absolute.
Jennifer: How many more miles until we arrive at the water park?
Kelly : omg jen, htt atm lol ru fr rn?
by Pacnel July 5, 2019
Acronym: Hide The Turd

A social Game played with a group of people, normally males.

1) one individual will hide a fresh turd somewhere in a house/building presently occupied by the group while the others are unaware of his actions

2) he will re-enter room occupied by the rest of the group and state "HTT has begun"

3) from that moment on the rest of the group are timed to find the Hidden Turd as quickly as possible.

4) if the game is played regularly the individual who hides their turd the best/it takes the longest to find, would be the reigning champion.
Dude 1: hey man, did you hear Alcorn is the Current HTT champion?

Dude 2: no way! how long till they found it?!

Dude 1: Three Months! He hid it in the bottom of the butter carton underneath all the butter! HAHA!

Dude 2: ROFL! That is HILARIOUS!
by banginthepan January 10, 2012
Acronym for Hot Tub Tuesday.

1. Social gathering for males on Tuesday nights. Activities include discussing female features and drinking Bud Light Lime (aka BLL).

2. Metaphor for intense male bonding (homosexual moments may occur)
GUY 1: HTT tonight?
GUY 2: Hell yea, I'll bring the Bud Light Lime.
by Tim Dip May 14, 2009
Stands for Holier Than Thou, as in someone who thinks they are better than you
"I hate big budget films. They are made for such a stupid audience."

"Man you are HTT about movies. Just enjoy it, man!"
by Shaun R August 4, 2005
Hairier Than Thou
Damn, homeboy need nads bad. Nigga upper right ass cheek HTT.
if you dont know what this get help
i went on to htt ps:/ /my.urbandictionary. c o m/add.php to submit random things to annoy the website

why not?
because its annoying someone and its not nice to annoy people
and do i care?
i hope
by doge is me October 28, 2022