A health insurance plan where half the premium normally paid to a PPO is invested in a personal portable savings account akin to a 401k. It's triple tax deferred. Money going in, money going out, and money invested in it is tax free as long as it is used for medical expenses.

Also known as a health savings account.
Michael - "What's an HSA?"
Rocco - "I just paid $300 of medical expenses with my HSA...but at least the money spent was pre-tax, not like a PPO plan where insurance executives and the government already took their share and made my past medical expenses even more expensive. Why is anyone still buying PPO plans?"
by Schulist October 9, 2018
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The walls were shakin, the ground was quaking,.... She kept her motor clean, Best damn woman that I ever seen;... She had a real HSA! sexual sensual, oversexed
by Crippled Colonel November 13, 2015
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So me and my girl are heading home for some HSA.
by mrbear March 21, 2012
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a Highly Sought After collectable
by TLSquiggle March 17, 2012
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Stands for Harry styles addict for people who absolutely adore him
I’m an HSA
by 🥵🔥Frat boy Harry 🔥🥵 December 10, 2020
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Hard Style Assassins, A clan for Halo: Reach, MW3, Red Dead and Minecraft, Some members are reluctant to play those games so we aren't all faggots :3 Anyways, HSA is a peaceful clan. Only two clan battles have been reported in HSA's 10 year lifetime (If I'm right...)
HSA Camper: Hey dude, Wanna probably join HSA?
lonewolfmtl: No thanks bro, You're probably just another lolclan.
HSA Camper: Actually is dolan.
lonewolfmtl: What?
HSA Camper: What?
by HSA Camper August 30, 2012
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HSAS aka Lehman serves creamed peas and bottles of milk to their students. Their mascot is a rattle. Every desk has it's own mobile. Nap time is a class. Babies get graded based on their ability to sleep through the night without crying. Welcome to preschool 9th graders:)
by tyn of ausome October 12, 2011
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