A proposed bill by Barney Frank and Ron Paul in the house of representatives that would legalize marijuana on a federal level and allow states to tax and regulate it like alcohol if they choose to do so.
HR 2306, if passed, would have far reaching benefits.
by eyeflutes June 27, 2011
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i'm going to dip, have a nice big hr commiting session
by weaasella January 6, 2021
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Its Human Resources BS at its worst, generally served for free at career fairs at a variety of universities all across America. Examples of "dat HR sizzurp" include: offers of opportunities to work abroad, face to face client meetings, words such as strategy and management and opportunities for development. These things never happen at your entry level position or internship, but are commonly discussed at said career fairs.

Dat sizzurp is generally so strong that it can only be sipped, and seems great while your leanin' on it. It is highly intoxicating. Generally, once one's career at said firm begins, the user soon realizes that the HR sizzurp is a terrible concoction with horrific side effects.

See Also: The HR Koolaid, a term commonly used on "GettingDrunkinFirstClass.com".
White Privileged Kid: "All John talks about is his new job at Management Consulting Firm X, but he's yet to find out that on the job, he'll just be making Powerpoints all day."

Other White Privileged Kid: "Yeah he's still leanin' on dat HR sizzurp."
by FratStein July 20, 2009
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Abbreviation for Hit and Run manager. This is a guy whose aim is to have sexual intercourse with a girl without wanting anything extra between them.
1. Wilson is a big bad HRM
2. How do I become an HR manager?
by Th3R3alMafia January 3, 2019
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1) human resources violation - breaking policies set in place by the Human Resources Departmant of the company you work for. Often the policy in question has to do with improper language in the workplace, in which case this becomes a synonym for saying something rude, crude, or politically incorrect.

2) human rights violation - taking away the rights people have as a result of being human. Torture, slave labor, and genocide are some examples of human rights violations.
1) "You have made countless dirty jokes, off-color remarks, and racist, sexist, and homophobic comments, and forced the rest of us to pretend to be amused. In short, you are, as another co-worker put it, 'a walking H.R. violation'"
-- from an anonymous letter on a website called Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye

2) "Helsinki Commission Speaks out on HR Violation in Russia"
-- a headline on Human Rights House Network's website
by Doctor Fishopoulis October 5, 2006
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Someone who pushes past official limits in terms of expression and demeanor, serving to test the boundaries between what could nominally get one fired and what WILL get one fired. From the use of songbirds in mining, whose greater susceptibility to impure air causes them to expire first, serving as a warning to humans.
Did you see the chicks on Fred's screen savor? That dude is our HR Canary.
by jimmythegeek June 17, 2010
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A level of language or wording that would be approved by HR, is politically correct, or meets some HR policy or guideline.
Steve asked, "Does this email sound HR-ish enough to you?"
by DanGarPrius August 19, 2011
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