Screwing a girl on the day you first met her. When telling someone you got a hole in one it must be followed by describing how hot she was in par terms; a par one being ugly, a par 5 being georgeous and put-put being gross and skanky
"Hey man, I got a hole in one last night, but it was put-put."
by High Life AP April 18, 2005
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During intercourse, the male pulls out right before he cums, and then he ejaculates and makes it perfectly into the belly button of the girl. Also applies to male masturbation, shooting your load in your own belly button.
Guy: "Oh man that was a hole in one!!"

Girl: "Ew, clean it out!"
by madrascaldavid December 29, 2009
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A girl (usually a slut) who is willing to bonk a guy after he buys her one drink. Girl may also be a cadbury
"That girl is such a whore.. she bonked this dude she met last night and all he had to do was buy her a drink"
"What a hole-in-one"
by orgabulator June 03, 2004
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Some men, hereto referred to as fags, choose to place gauged earrings in their ears until their lobes hang down to their genitalia. Fags have jerk parties where they play fun circle jerk games. These fags will sit in even groups, usually four fags is ideal. They sit across from one another and try to ejaculate into the gauged ear of the fag sitting across from them. If they make it in the hole on the first stroke round it's a hole in one! Some variations include handicaps for larger and smaller gauges.
Joe: Hey...Carl, so nice to see you.
Carl: what's up man? Hey, do you see those fags over there with the gauged earrings?
Joe: yea man, what the hell? I bet they scored a hole in one or two last night.
by Sintino August 22, 2011
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an alcoholic mixed drink. its a glass of arnold palmer with a shot of vodka dropped in it. sort of like jager bomb but with arnold palmer and vodka
guy1: i had so many hole in ones yesterday
guy2: do you even remember any of them?
guy3: so you must be quite a good golfer
guy1: i guess you could say that
by mehale December 25, 2011
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