One of the greatest professional wrestlers the world has ever seen. Pioneer of the Sweet Chin Music and the Flying Elbow Drop.
Yeah, he's good, but he's no HBK.
by The Fuz March 30, 2005
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I just went HBK at the gym and had a great workout.
by MD786 January 17, 2012
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Honey Bunch-Kins. Used as a low-key term inciting affection from one to another.
Sam "I love you my HBK"
Grant "WTF? HBK? TOO PDA! P.S. I'm sleeping with your mother."
by musikbox May 12, 2008
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An old shitty wrestler who needs to retired and go back to teaching kids to be wrestlers that are 10x better than him. Also known as the Has-Been Kripple
HBK should just retired and become a teacher
by Indy April 2, 2005
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I saw Samantha at the gym she has some crazy HBK going on she is perfect
by iamkalhouseofel October 10, 2016
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An overrated wrestler who doesnt know when to quit.
Shawn Michaels,the "Show Stoppa",the "ICON",or my favorite the "LIAR".
by Sean April 2, 2005
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