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Can also be said as just "Hard"
Meaning to agree with what someone is saying with enthusiasm...or when replying to a question to mean "yes".
#1 -Are you going to the party next week??
#2 - Hard out!!


#1 -What is she wearing!? It looks straight rude!
#2 - Yeah, hard out.
by NZ_chick July 22, 2006
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Word origonates from New Zealand, a word in which is used to define how much they dedicate a topic about something
Did you like that gang???


Translation: did you like that group???

How Yea!!!
by Nortie November 20, 2004
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A word one uses in stead of hard core. Mainly used in New Zealand or Australia.
"Bro, that (insert event, song or whatever here) was hard out!"
by Britt July 13, 2004
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In broadcasting, a sudden and inflexible ending of material in a bulletin, usually determined by a fixed-length pre-recorded segment or a pre-programmed computer event.

Remember, that part of the show has a hard out, so make sure to plug your tour dates early in the interview.
by brianbbad October 22, 2012
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Whilst many manifestations and variations have been used of this term, this definition deals with the term's rise to power and prominence within the Bally community.

Famously introduced to his peers by David 'DT' Taufa, 'Hard Out' gained instant success and notoriety as both an enthusiastic show of approval and as an instant class-stopper.
On many occasions, when wanting to show enthusiasm, approval or project a positive outlook, DT would remark "AW HARD OUT!"

This phrase spread through not only the Bally community but throughout the Northern Beaches faster than EP would travel to Ziggy's house to bounce on his cock some more.

The most recent advances in regards to the term come from Paul 'Oh Puh Kick' Barta, PhD, PhDSCPF and Marko 'Aw Shot M', who in October of 2009 gave the term a much-needed breath of fresh air: they were the major pioneers to use the term in an extremely high tone of voice, nearing falsetto.

For maximum effect, the term should be elongated and screamed at rigs (in the high tone of voice) whilst having the head out of a moving car's window.

This falsetto-like manner of expression can be applied to other words as well, but currently the most famous words to be expressed in such a way are 'Hard Out' and 'Bitch'.

NB: Please note for your own convenience and accuracy, if you do choose to express either one of these words in the falsetto delivery, you must elongate them. So for example, "Hard Out" would become "Haaaaaaard Ouuuutttt!"
*Guy 1 sees a hectic rig*

*Guy 1 and Guy 2 are driving in a car, cruising along the beach and spot a large bunch of scantily-clad Smoh Ah's*

by M Leonidas October 03, 2009
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the act of trying to hard, or putting too much effort into something.Also can be used if some thing is too much or an over load
Tim: man what a footy game

Bil: yea jonno was going hardout in the last half

Ash: That test was hardout
by Monk619 April 12, 2009
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