Can also be said as just "Hard"
Meaning to agree with what someone is saying with enthusiasm...or when replying to a question to mean "yes".
#1 -Are you going to the party next week??
#2 - Hard out!!


#1 -What is she wearing!? It looks straight rude!
#2 - Yeah, hard out.
by NZ_chick July 22, 2006
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In broadcasting, a sudden and inflexible ending of material in a bulletin, usually determined by a fixed-length pre-recorded segment or a pre-programmed computer event.

Remember, that part of the show has a hard out, so make sure to plug your tour dates early in the interview.
by brianbbad October 22, 2012
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A word one uses in stead of hard core. Mainly used in New Zealand or Australia.
"Bro, that (insert event, song or whatever here) was hard out!"
by Britt July 13, 2004
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Used when someone is trying harder than need be. Often used as an alternative to 'Try Hard'.
For example "That kid is a real Harry Hard-out", such as trying to cheese a girl up a lot.
by Big Eed September 24, 2010
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1. A song preformed by Three 6 Mafia, which won an Oscar during the 78th Annual Academy Awards.
2. Proof that God likes hip-hop.
Song like 'It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp' prove that it isn't THAT hard out there for a pimp...
by Pimp Daddy McFly March 7, 2006
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to share company with another individual or group of individuals in a close, intimate, or otherwise intense manner.
"...after a long flight and all he had on his mind was doing some "hard core hanging out". I advised him that we should revisit said topic only after he regrouped and I had a few glasses of Meritage.
by part-timer November 20, 2003
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"Max it out hard" is when you commit an extreme act of any kind, and immediately follow up with a tenfold or even more extreme action.( Thomas Duncan Penland. Dec. 5,2011.)
jerry: so did you hook up with that bitch last night bro?
roger: yeah, and i totally came in her face, and then i spit in her mouth. haha
jerry: you just max'ed it out hard bro!

"M.I.O.H./ Max it out hard"

by waffletwats December 5, 2011
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