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1. Noun: Somebody of Romani descent that lives a traveller lifestyle.

2. Verb: To take something without permission
1: "Hey look it's Bob, he's a gypsie."

2. "I just gypsied a pen off Tyler."
by edatron December 17, 2016
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a person who drinks other peoples alcohol without paying. A moocher. Their tears are exceptionally valuable and are often collected.
Man who are all these people I don't know coming into our party? looks like the gypsies are infiltrating.
by DPSsoccer06 November 03, 2007
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Gypsies: a large group of people well known around the UK and Ireland for being "scum of the earth" and "dirty" and "steal things" when actually, they are not all like that, because I'm a gypsy and I was born in the family tradition. I was bullied for it.

I've never stole and never will, I am in full education and have a good future ahead of me.

You'll believe what you read because I will admit, some gypsys are bad, but a lot of us are good too.
Gypsies are all different... oh look there's that beautiful gypsy dress.
by Nice gypsie December 28, 2014
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A bunch of socialy retarded inbreds that mainly populate south somerset and ireland, all gypsies think that they are above the rest of us because they have a lack of education, and because of this, money.
Due to these facts most gypsies haver inhabited land that once belonged honest, hard working, tax paying and decent citizens.
Even though they have a lack of funds they still manage to afford brand new mercedes benz, 42 inch plasma screens all in there shitty little caravans.
"hey look at that tintinhullian (gypsie) over there i bet he has been fucking his family all day long"
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Someone who is stingy and only cares about themself. They will most likely screw you over if given the chance.
Zach is such a little gypsie. He ate all the food knowing that I was really hungry.
by Joe December 12, 2004
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Wonderfull, colorfull nation with great sense for life and music. Greatly described in movies of Emir Kusturica. An Indo-Eurpoean nation with strong roots, Gypsies live in Spain, France, Russia, Romania, the Balkans and Croatia.
In that little plaza in Zagreb there were a few Gypsies playing beautifull music. Too bad the surroundings were not as beautifull.
by Graham O'Tool March 21, 2004
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Nomads travelors interesting smart and knows how to use their resources
I just want to say as a gypsy i have never stolen any thing i go to school and have a job and try my best to be a good person and to all you fuckerrs who dont like us you can burn in hell you stuck up snobs it is not our fault that you never get laid because your just ugly so find some body else to blame about your problems like your parents they should have i mean abortion is legal in someplaces but seriously yuo white fucks are so into yourselves at least we dont rape our own children or others peoples children in that matter so next time you want to bitch about gypsies just remember ted bundy was a white guy also how many gypsie homocidal maniacs do you see on the news yha none we may steal but we are not killers so hahahahahahahahaha
by Crystal Miller February 27, 2008
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