Gwaan is a way of speech used by true Jamaican which really mean go on it is also used in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Kerry said to wayne gwaan a yuh yard before mi mada come catch yuh inna har house and start a fuss

In Jamaica they would say children gwaan a skool and learn the golden rule

Andrea said to her best friend wah gwaan yuh did deh a di dance last nite
by Hardrock May 8, 2009
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Jamaican term meaning. Going on / happening
Example. Someone wants to find out whats happening in Jamaican. He will say "wat a gwaan"?

nutten naw gwaan = nothing is going on or happening
by Jamaicano January 2, 2011
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gwaan fi di bodega mi hafi clip dem bloods
by CRIP bWOY October 10, 2003
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any form of super-smokeable that is likely to get you hiiiiiiiiigh.
by Daly January 22, 2004
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a possitive word used when awesome isnt awesome enough to describe something.
cristiano ronaldo is the gwaanest soccer player in the world. football is a gwaan sport.
by G is Gwaaner than u December 25, 2012
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A slang term from Jamaica used as a greeting; Equivalent of, "what's up?"
Wah Gwaan man?
by funholidayman September 15, 2009
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Quite literally and phonetically means "What's going on" - "Wah - gw - aan" - pronounced identically to its spelling
The word, however, is more recognized as "What's up"

A slang/word in Jamaican Creole, commonly used among friends and acquaintances as a form of greeting one another.

Frequently used in places such as South London, primarily among black individuals with Jamaican derivation and non-Jamaican derivation alike .
"Wah Gwaan, bro"

"Yo, Sully!"


"Wah Gwaan"
by Cladhouse December 24, 2019
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