1.) A usually derogatory term used to describe a person (mainly female) who is from the hood.
2.) A ghetto person. It is commonly used by snobby people or by other gutta rats to try and demean each other.
Nera: You ain't nothin' but a low class gutta rat. You live in the projects!!
Shanetta: Bitch you live next door, yo ass a gutta rat too!!!!
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008
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A young nigga from Broward County, FL with some fire ass music
Aye that boy Polo Gutta got the fye shit
by Broward Youngin February 26, 2018
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Someone who u can trust with all ur secrets a=to and know they won't get out.(usually a girl)
I told my gutta bitch my deepest darkest secret today bro.
by Nolababi May 29, 2008
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Gutta-a RIDE OR DIE friend
“Hood” typa friend

Celebration-“celebMay 20
There go my GUTTA jit !
It’s May 20 today we “Gutta celeb”
by Gutta bihhh May 15, 2021
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Gutta Slut~A term used n reference to tha hood ho~One who has sex anywhere i.e. A dumpster,Alley,public restroom or the gutta,Also first cousin to the Dirty leg.
Daaaaaaayuuuuum Gina a str8 cum guzzling gutta slut,like whoa
by DallasGhost March 18, 2016
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A slut who looks or acts like he/she crawled out of a gutter
Wow J.B. is such a gutta slutta
by Holland H September 05, 2008
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