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1.) Words or phrases used by President George Bush that are often parodied and made fun of by people all over the world. these are most often used by comedians Carlos Mencia, Chris Rock, John Stewart and Steve Colbert on their Comedy Central shows.
2.) Any collaboration of words that sound like the moronic and simply dumb things that George Bush says on a regular basis.
Joey: "We went to fight the Iraqis 'cause they dress funny. Anybody who wears a shirt wrapped around their head must be a terrorist!!"
Chris: "Dude, are you serious?!!"
Joey: "Na man, I was just working on my Bush impression. Them Bushisms are fuuuuunnnnyyyy!!!!!!!!"
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008

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Somebody who owns a number of sneakers and is always up on the latest J's that come out. Their collections consist of rare, vintage, and collectable sneakers from classic Chuck Taylor's to custom Nikes.
Jay: "Man Kam, you have so many sneakers!"
Kam: "I mean what can I say? I'm a certified sneakerhead!!"
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008

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The Rap-It-Up Campaign is a safe sex initiative created by BET and partners to urge young people in the African-American community to practice safe sex, get tested for HIV and AIDS and to know their status. It features a series of commercials and printed ads set up like public sertvice announcements and usues African-American celebrities and entertainers to spread the message about safe sex and knowing your status. Celebrities that have appeared in commercials include Lyfe Jennings, Sammie, Wyclef Jean and the cast of the third season of Bet's reality show College Hill. The campaign also has its own website, and a toll free hotline where you can call and learn more about HIV and information on where you can get tested in your community.
1.) Sammie:"....there's one test that has everybody nervous, but it's worth taking. Know your status. Get tested for HIV today."

2.) Ryan: "Man I need to get tested but I'm nervous!"

Tonio: " Dawg didn't you learn anything from the Rap-It-Up Campaign. They keep telling you to get tested and to know your status. Not knowing is your worst enemy!! I'll come with you for support if you want."

Ryan: " Thanks bruh."
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008

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1.) A usually derogatory term used to describe a person (mainly female) who is from the hood.
2.) A ghetto person. It is commonly used by snobby people or by other gutta rats to try and demean each other.
Nera: You ain't nothin' but a low class gutta rat. You live in the projects!!
Shanetta: Bitch you live next door, yo ass a gutta rat too!!!!
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008

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Text and IM speak for "Figure It Out".
Chelsea: "OMG!!! How do you make the car go vrooom!!??"
Zoe: " Wow Chelsea, F.I.O why don't ya!!"
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008

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1.)When you've done done something, you've dunn dunn it!!

2.)Hood past tense of saying something's been done.
1.) Jocquez: "Dem dudes call me Mr. Dunn Dunn 'cause I dunn dunn it all!!!"

2.)Ms. Kay: "Raheem!!! Did you take out the garbage yet?"

Raheem: "Yeah ma' I dunn dunn it already. Get off my joc'!!!!"

Ms. Kay: "What the hell you say boy!!!?"

Raheem: " Nuthin' mama!!!"
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008

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Term first used by R&B singer Vivian Green in her 2002 single "Emotional Rollercoaster" from the album "A Love Story". It is used to describe the varied emotions that a person (usually someone you're in a relationship with) has you feeling for them. For example, your girlfriend cheats on you with your best friend. As much as you hate her for cheating, you can't help but keep loving her because she has you so sprung.
2.) When your emotions go up and down like a rollercoaster. For example, you keep slipping in between happiness and sadness.

Vivian Green: "Boy i'm so tired of you making love to me, and then disappearing so suddenly. 'Round and 'round it goes.
And I'm so tired of you pacifying me with promises you know that you'll never keep......I'm on an emotional rollercoaster loving you ain't nothing healthy; loving you was never good for me."
by WONDEROO!! July 10, 2008

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