it means you are real cool and you are off-the-chain....if yah kno were to have have fun and how to have fun yah are so guttah........yah also have to be street smart.
Brianna AND Jacqueline are so gutta they took me to a party and it was so wild. I mean them some lil' savages.
by reese's caramel October 05, 2006
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An incredibly lame AOL Instant Messenger user who believes that he is a "hacker" and yet cannot spell the word. Contact him here: aim:goim?screenname=ROC+Gutta&message=Hello+faggot,+why+do+you+suck+so+much+cock?
ROC Gutta: y0 dogg, u dunt wana b dizzin me cuz il hax u fur reel
by maahaa December 11, 2003
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1.A gurl who has her man's back
2.Ride or die chick
3.the chick who is down for her nigga and his crew. Shes always holding it down, and known to be independent. She can be a good friend, mother, or etc.
Man Kiki is a real gutta bitch...dats why i love her so much.
by kiki021117 December 31, 2007
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A drug trac in west vallejo;know to task force & knocks as a crack spot; u will find drug dealerz and young nutty niggaz;mainly on sutter street; where the block b hot by da pigs task force
1st person "Ah nigga what u about 2 do when u git out" 2nd person "Back 2 da gutta 2 git my mail nigga bust some knocks wit hubba rocks" 1st "Alrite nigga be easy out there on da gutta block" 2nd "yee"
by Gutta-g April 04, 2006
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a girl who is ghetto, loud, rude, raw, and probably hella funny depending on the type of humor you have, gutta princess' usually tend to have a crude sense of humor they usually talk about sex or anything having to do with sex whether they are saying a joke or are serious! They are usually proud of their offensive personality, and just don't give a shit. You can't help but love her, but at the same time wanna slap the shit out of her.
Corey: DAMN Danielle, you're a real gutta princess!
by DanielleandCorey March 17, 2009
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That one guy who knows all and does it all. Has every type of category of a homeboy there is. Females are nothing but a pawn to him. He can get any girl of his liking, or preference, but only of the highest stature. The only thing that matters is sex, power, and money. Every body wants what he gets, everybody wants to live how he lives, act how he acts, and will do anything for his swag. Only likes that good life, and destined for greatness.
Yo that nigga gutta man stay with a bad bitch.
by Gutta man April 16, 2011
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1. Top Notch Female
2. A Female that will hit a nigga for her nigga
3. A Female that does not bite her tongue
4. A Female that knows how and when to fuck her man right
5. Still stays classy
by Sir Saula July 17, 2008
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