"Guts Out" is a classification for vaginas. A "Guts Out" vagina has all of the major components that can be seen at a glance. The Outer and Inner Labia, the clitoris and hood, etc.
I can see everything the girl has to offer there. You can see all her parts clear as day! Now that vagina is certainly "Guts Out".
by brotherhay June 30, 2011
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Due to alcohol or other poisoning you may experience loss of consciousness, drowsiness, nausea and most importantly vomiting. Depending on how many drinks you you might pass out face down in the toilet in your vomit. Normally brown in colour due to alcohol and HCl mixing in your stamach. If unlucky, you will projectile vomit till there is nothing left, that is when contents of your deodenum (small intestine) will start going through. If that happens alkaline in nature bile secreted to the small intestine will burn the lining of your stomach, making you feel sick for days to come. In this positive reinforcement loop of gagging on your own vomit and later bile you will be left exhausted physically and emotionally, dehydrated, starving and embarrassed. As the lining of your stomach and bacterial microflora of your gastrointestinal tract is damaged so severely, you will be unable to digest certain foods for a duration of days to weeks. Stay safe around alcohol and make sure your friends are not overdrinking.
Dude, Sam is puking guts out (her) in the bathroom, we should keep her awake and make sure she's safe.
by SirDrakula November 5, 2017
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That bad Chinese takeout we ate last night made me blow my guts out. My roommate could totally hear me over Call of Duty.

Bradley ate two dozen hot wings. He was blowing his guts out all afternoon.
by Ms. Awful May 17, 2015
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1) An act of intense, aggressive, passionate, deep penetrating, hardcore, sexual intercourse where the female partner is overwhelmed to the point of orgasm, leaving her with a "pleasant soreness" in her lower regions. And also usually accompanied with massive cream pie spills.

2) A Massive usually uncontrollable cream pie bombing accompanied with deep penetrating thrusts and spills.
1) No man I couldn't settle for just banging her. Not the way that she had me going, so I went and spent all of last night making sure that I blew her guts out. She can't seem to thank me enough for that kind of sex.

2) That chick is way too much hotness man, I found my self blowing her guts out, when she told me not to. I couldn't help it man.
by Demented Definitions December 18, 2010
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as in to hose her guts out, to fuck, shag etc.
I took her back to my flat and hosed her guts out.
by hoser July 5, 2003
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To have vicious, somewhat unhealthy intercourse.
"it got to the point I had to shag her. Absolutely smashed the guts out of it, I did. You should've seen it. Fanny like sandblasted beef tripe"
by Smear test August 23, 2017
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