I saw baby rabbits eating lettuce, it was gusting.
by awmm April 2, 2021
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Drawn from the root of the word disgusting gust literally means clean, however it is slang for approval. Synonyms include: Sick, dope, cash, cool, dandy, spiffy, and awesome.
Dude that goal was gust!

See that girl? Her blowjobs must be gust.
by Gustasfuck January 14, 2014
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Sandra is so nice and smart and beautiful, she is totally gusting.
by Mack The Knife November 26, 2006
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A soulless person who tries to be nice to others for her own needs.
OMG Kehkeshan is such a Guste.
by Very honest tbh June 17, 2018
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An immensely powerful gust of wind which is excreted from the vaginal cavity which causes widespread chaos, famine and general ludicrous emotional distress to other humans and animals alike.
A long time ago a Muff Gust created the Sahara Desert
by Turdy McFisilau November 3, 2011
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An large plume of air expelled during a fanny fart
Eww Bex that cunt gust stinks!
by Crc22 August 7, 2016
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a lower form of the commonly performed 'follow through'. A bitty gust reffers to the act of farting and excreting small pieces of the previous subjects meal, all over the pants or bowl of the toilet!
steve: hey tom, how r u?
tom: not good steve, just had a curry and did a bitty gust in my pants! it was soooo messy!!!
by Banterbus31 October 16, 2009
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