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A very wet pussy. A cooch that is wet.
Did you hit last night? Hell yeah, and shorty had that gushy too!
by LowfromdaCHI May 22, 2008
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profuse emotions of happiness, excited, elated, full of joy, joy that causes a physical reaction
That picture of the mother and child makes me so happy, I am gushy!
by dovee August 18, 2008
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coochie,pussy,juicy,vagina,kittykat,privates,stash(the part of a females body where a dick goes)
my gushy was wet last night.
by Kandi Kisses June 09, 2004
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being lovey dovey in the verbal sense. expressing emotions towards another person through vocal or written communication.
Drew: We are so good together! I can't wait to spend forever with you!

Sarah: eww. why are you being all gushy like that. :)
by gushmonkey April 19, 2011
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Shout signifying then beginning of a free-for-all scramble for some object.
Sean tossed the half eaten apple into the air yelling 'Gushy'. Maire and Pol scrambled desperatly over each other to grab the remains of the apple.
by ken March 26, 2004
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refers to a vagina. Note that it is not the entire female genitalia, but the actual vaginal tube.
His dick was so small it could only reach the gushy when she was on top.
by PowerWill August 04, 2008
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Then condition when a vagina becomes juicy, succulent, hot, swollen, wetter and has a slippery but gripping suction to it. The pussy juices overruns out the pussy canal, soaking the bed, couch, panties, pussy lips and pussy hair (if unshaven.)
Her pussy was so wet and gushy, I busted my nutt in five minutes.

She has some good pussy. She got that gushy.
by Trevrep January 31, 2018
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