An amazing women and fantastic mother who always have your back. Great person and generally a good person
Yaayyy there is Gurpreet
by SiinghSensei November 8, 2020
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Can be a bitch but keeping that aside is the nicest person you'll ever meet. Pretty af and can't be beaten at anything!
Omg,that's my friend Gurpreet!!
by Hotbitchhh February 25, 2019
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Is such a humble adorable human being always ready to help others and puts them first rather herself but if you break her, she will indisputably be a bitch
Omg is that gurpreet from college!
by Sidhubad June 2, 2020
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The meaning of the name “Gurpreet” is: “Love of Guru
Gurpreet means a devoted follower; Love of the teacher.Person with name Gurpreet are abundance of confidence. They do everything with growing confidence. It is a matter to consider that these people have a preference to remain fair at every deal in life. But sometimes this cannot be accomplished neatly. However, it can be counted as their human fault. These men and women like to keep everyone happy. A happy soul makes them love children very much. They can air their views and concepts very efficiently and clearly. It is an accepted fact that of this name and its natives have a personality to rule over others. These people may gain enormous amount of knowledge. They should keep distance from unnecessary argument in order to maintain their high stature.
I have many friends but my best friend is Gurpreet.
by Avneet Kaur001 November 23, 2021
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A hood gangsta ass girl named Gurpreet that is a fucking G cant be beaten at anything and has perverted thoughts.
Gurpreet is like bread, Punjabi on the outside Punjabi on the inside cuz thatz how she rollzzz nigga
by corruptjatt May 5, 2009
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Gurpreet is a good,kind and intelligent person .

Height is a little short but really cute girl .
Looks just like a little girl 👧but has nice and friendly personality.
She loves hers friends.

That's it girl .
Hoe much praise were you expecting?
by TheonlyCinderella July 1, 2022
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