A generic name for any woman possessing a gunt. Used especially when discussing the gunt-having woman while she may be within earshot.
Office Worker 1: "Gunther really shouldn't have worn stretch pants today."

Office Worker 2: "Tell me about it. That fupa is out of control. I think I'm gonna puke."

Office Worker 3 (appearing from nowhere): "What are you talking about? I'm wearing stretch pants! Who's Gunther?"

Office Worker 2: "Uh, the new German guy in the mailroom. Let's get back to work."
by DickyJohns17325 October 23, 2009
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A term for the lymph nodes on the sides of your neck.
Patrick, "Hey Kevin, my lymph nodes have been swollen from the flu I caught. You can feel them, check it out"

Kevin, "Chill out man, stop messing with your Gunthers, you'll only inflame them worse.
by PattyCakes June 10, 2013
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slang term for dog crap; feces of any shape, form, and age.
"Dude, there's some crap on my shoe."
"That's not just crap, that's gunther!"
by Ralph G. January 28, 2008
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Refers to the large, protruding area below an obese person's stomach and above their genitalia. Front Bum
"That guy's gunther is so big he probably hasn't seen his shlong in 5 years."

by Amanda Draper January 11, 2008
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(Pronounced 'Goonter') An amusing person who enjoys eating - particularly chocolate - and you can quite easily imagine wearing lederhosen and saying 'oh ja!' a lot with a German accent. Although typically these people should be young boys with blonde hair and a plump build, the joke is also merry if you refer to a friend or foe who happens to be looking especially dorky at that moment or eating something with altogether too much tenacity...
(an important and sexy character in the simpsons cast :P)

'haha! you're such a GUNTHER!!'

'Omg he looks like gunther!'

'omg i felt like such a Gunther - two galaxy bars and an oreo snack pack - dear gott in himmel..nein, nein, nein...'
by Julia Whiting April 09, 2008
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Generic name for a German national (sometimes spelled Gunter erroneously). Used in a derogatory and zenophobic sense.
Look at that group of fricking Gunthers hogging the sunbeds - jeez I hate those bison fisted old hags and their fat bloated Mercedes driving nazi husbands. I swear that old dude was eyeing me up in the shower - I reckon they are all bleedin' pedos.
by Dr Hans November 25, 2008
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