1. a fuckin' awsomely ripped arm (yes there could be 2...)
2. a thing that shoot bullets
1. Did you buy your tickets? ... to what? ... THE GUN SHOW!
2. Danm it yo, i got shot in the leg by a gun.
by Atta' Boy December 31, 2005
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Used to kill someone, screw someone up, or use for fun. (If you run outta bullets, run and smash em.)
by Hyuuga Neji November 26, 2004
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An artilery peice designed to take out people, vehicles, and/or buildings from a large distance. Not, contrary to popular belefe, a firearm.
The general ordered them to take out the barracks, where the enemy where located, with the artilery gun.
by LotharVP June 05, 2010
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Axl: "Yowza!"
Geez: "...ermm, can I help you sir?"
Axl: "Ohhh--yeeeeaah!"
by dila February 11, 2004
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"YEEEEHAWWW, ENIS! We gonna go hunt some mahhhhh-beasters with this gun I found!"
by Doctor Gorby May 07, 2007
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