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A dance move created by a London drill rapper by the name of Russ which shows him sway his shoulders back and forth acting like someone has been shot multiple times
Bruv how can you listen to Taze and not want to Gun lean
by Dip.up.a.opps.lungs August 05, 2018
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a dance in drill music (uk rap) that has you lifting your shoulders left, right, left, right, left right, left, right. however, if you do this on certain streets in london you could get shanked.
Isaiah: have you heard that new song by russ? gun lean?
Abdul: yeah, it's cold. just don't do the dance up north london.
Isaiah: why?
Abdul: you'll get dipped in a second
Isiah: oh
by derpsderps January 13, 2019
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What shitty white girl try to do but has been formed into a dance song
Gun lean on that beat
by Ginger Thug January 01, 2019
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