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To be 'Gun Shy' is a military shooting term. It is the blinking of one's master eye (the eye one take's aim with behind the telescopic sight or 'naked' sights of a projectile weapon) simultaneously as the trigger is pulled. This involuntary action is a sign that one is as yet unable to take responsability for a round leaving ones weapon and killing someone. This is obviously unacceptable in a professional shooter, especially a sniper. One should never take eyes off target, and a closed eye is an eye that does not see a threat.

But aversion to killing is natural. Thankfully.

In most soldiers the condition of being 'gun shy' is capable of being overcome with the rationale that the enemy is a willing combatant and is a lethal threat to you, your comrades, and any innocent third-parties, and it is simply a case of 'you or them'.
'I, personally, am gun shy, and prefer to peel potatoes, and cook, and mop latrines, than to pull a trigger.'
by AKR0NEEM9 November 30, 2018
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afraid of the consequences of an error during and attempt to re-do something
He's been gun shy ever since his son burned his hand on the stove. He has been refusing to attempt to show him the ropes of cooking again.
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Millitary slang for someone scared of confronting the enemy. Like saying coward, only it's not irrational to be scared of red hot tumbling bullets that hit you before you even see the muzzle flash.
"Christ's sake Sarge, don't team me up with Billy, he's Gun Shy! Last time we saw an Iraqi he wet himself, and it was only a woman putting out her washing!"
by Wingy December 21, 2005
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Reluctant to become involved in a relationship, especially a sexual one
After finding out that his girlfriend had been engaging in sodomy with the patients of the retirement home that she worked at, Frank was gunshy for almost a decade.
by Sam DP October 08, 2005
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A mental state usually affecting virgins where the complexity of a sexual situation makes it hard to have or hold and erection.
He didn't lose his virginity that night because he was gun shy.
by It's Miller Time June 28, 2006
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Lupita is a freak now that she is older, but was very gunshy at first.
by LHL April 10, 2004
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