A style of electric guitar shaped like the letter "V" that is commonly used in various types of metal music.
"I will stab you with my Jackson flying V if you interrupt this Yngwie solo one more time!"
by Yngiwe Malmsteen November 11, 2003
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the point of the party where every vagina present decides it is time to leave all at once
Matt: "Dude, wheres all the hos at"

DJ: "You didnt see the flying v a minute ago"

Casey: "God damned brewery!"
by max dickin April 5, 2008
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The Mighty Ducks go-to play when world junior hockey championship is on the line.
coach, what do we do?
Set up the Flying V Charlie, look for the knuckle puck
by franscisco alverez January 21, 2006
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1.) A V-shaped guitar.
2.) A tactic used on the ice in the Mighty Ducks movies, in which the players would for a "V" shape with one person in front and pairs of players following from behind (as seen below).
2 2
3 3
4 4
"Dude, did you see those dudes do the Flying V in the Mighty Ducks?"
by Dude2 September 27, 2005
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Flying Vagina. Two girls naked rubbing their pussys together with each others pussys. One is horizontal, one is sideways.
Sometimes seen in girl on girl porno vids
by pbowly November 24, 2003
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