a really cool french guy, he's a sensation. No one can compete even if you try. He is better than everyone and don't even try denying it, you will get destroyed. If you ever confront him, you will lose, DO NOT EVEN TRY
stupid normal guy: Hey, do you know Guillaume?
good guy: Don't even mention him, you'll get destroyed!!
stupid normal guy: Guillaume?
*gets destroyed*
by sweiufbwol August 5, 2018
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Guillaume will be the most amazing and sexiest person of all times, they can make you laugh until you die are gorgeous and at the same time when they show you their abs and sexy body and you just won't resist a ride in bed with them! at the same time a ride in bed with them is a YES because they have a big dick and know how to use it ! Don't pass the chance if you ever meet one !
Friend1: Wow Guillaume is so good in bed !
Friend2: I know I nearly fainted seeing that sexy body !
by Mrcool123 May 22, 2015
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The French equivalent of the name William. Sometimes shortened to "Gui" for short. Guillaumes' are creative, sensitive, terribly-attractive, have a love for shoes, but sometimes introverted.

If you ever have the pleasure to meet a Guillaume to not pass up the chance. They will make you laugh and sing!
That shoe is so beautiful and has the charisma of Guillaume.
by More than Fun February 4, 2010
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Guillaume is a perfect mix between Harvey Specter and Tommy Shelby, he have a very nice butt and he's cool
Girl1 : Woaw who is that guy ?

Girl2 : he looks like 2 series characters very different but complementary
Girl1 : which characters ? In Which series?
Girl2 : Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders and Harvey Specter in Suits
Girl1 : OMG !! That's completely true
Girl2 : he could be a Guillaume isn't it ?
by Thorgalito January 2, 2022
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A smelly chimp who takes a shower once every blue moon, a Guillaume can be very aggressive/annoying if he is not kept in his natural habitat which is the jungle.
Oh hey Guillaume did u watch the game yesterday,

Guillaume: No i was unable because I was too busy finding my prey, those lousy bananas!
by November 8, 2020
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The art of wiping out a system or entire infrastructure or company in 1 simple command.
Jonathon: "Boss, All of the systems have gone offline, nobody can take any cash out of the cash machines. Literally, they are all broken"
Boss: Who the fuck has done a Guillaume?

Wendy: Boss, do you mind if I jump in there and just update it myself cos IT are busy?
Boss: We do not need another fucking Guillaume on our hands.
by Randy Tarvey November 15, 2017
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