4 definitions by RataPequna

Yo my friend's such a Johel, he just beat Sans with no damage.
by RataPequna October 6, 2020
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A guy who is competent and hard-working but always seems to get an easy way out. Only sometimes does he show his ability.
A: "Woah that guy, he just got a freeway out of the mid-term tests."
B: "He must be a Gabriel."
by RataPequna October 9, 2020
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The million-dollar man knows all the big boy words and is liked by everyone.
A: That Guilherme is one smart cookie.
by RataPequna October 9, 2020
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Someone who will succeed and overcome any challenge put in front of him, a guy who can complete any task put in front of him with flying colors.
Dan: "Yo Ywein just did 300 laps on the fitness gram pacer test."
Penny: "I heard that he got a scholarship to Harvard last week."
by RataPequna October 9, 2020
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