A slang word used to describe an idiotic, stupid person. Someone with a total lack of intelligence and very bone-idle. Often used toward someone who has just done something stupid to emphasise their stupidity. Is also used to make the 'guber' feel more humiliated.

Someone with a very low social status
Boy: 'Have you seen k's profile lately, she looks like a right guber'
Girl: 'Yeah, her brother's just the same, he's started straightening his hair to look cool, but really, he looks like a proper guber'

*A boy takes some photos of himself looking in a mirror, and posts them on the internet.*
Boy1: 'Have you seen H's new photos?'
Boy2: 'No, why? What's he doing?'
Boy1: 'Nothing, he just looks like a guber'
by Dubra Boy December 21, 2010
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A driving service with cars that have a single giant, neon lime-colored peanut poised on the roofs.
Guber is the service to use if you want to broadcast that you are a total goof and do not take yourself seriously; plus you can see it coming from a couple blocks away!
by Dr Bunnygirl June 25, 2019
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A stage in a man's life when he acts in a way which other's would usually find embarrassing. This can include such acts as answering the mailman in your underwear or long boring inquiries into common sense tasks that lead to long meaningless stories.
I dropped by Frank's house to get my textbook and while he ran to get it, saw his dad frying sausage and eggs wearing nothing but his underwear. What a guber!
by imwithid October 17, 2008
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Simply put....the complete opposite of a Frat Star. A goober is a person in a Frat who is a pussy bitch mother fucker and refuses to frat hard, get wasted, or even get laid in general.
"Brother Fratstar, why have i never seen Konstain pull pussy?"

"Yeah i know, Gubers just dont have Game.
by Frat Star Eta April 12, 2010
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A combination of gay and uber; used to describe something that is ultimately or epically stupid.
It just took 12 minutes to reboot my computer.

That's guber.
by CW17 August 26, 2008
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