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A very humorous word for poop.
Damn it, I just stepped in the biggest pile of grumper!
by benwad934 March 30, 2004
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A new social networking site that is growing in popularity. Where the Internet goes to complain.
I posted a grump about swine flu on Grumper. You should check it out and grump it.
by Asyra June 10, 2009
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A defecation that requires mass force to expel.
Oh man, I can tell this one is going to be a real grumper.
by John Clever November 27, 2002
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An especially hot and steamy shit. Grumpers often leave you very sweaty and exhausted. They're mostly taken under less than ideal situations like port-o-johns and bar bathrooms.
Man I was tailgating on Saturday and I had to shit some fierce. I went to the port-o-John and dropped a fiery grumper. My asshole was never the same.
by Alexdlegit March 25, 2017
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