Term used to describe someone who complains, bitches and moans all the time but does it in a low 'mumbled' voice, and in low, run-on sentences so you can't understand what they are saying.
Usually, but not always, limited to grumpy old men.
That old dude looks mad, and keeps mumbling something, but I can't understand him.
Yeah that's old man Withers...he's always all Mumbly Grumbly.
by phoenixxx70 May 14, 2010
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The sound made after realizing you just royally screwed something up. An "awww shit" vocalization with out using any real words. An exasperated inhale followed by moan/growl exhale.
When John made that wrong turn onto a one-way street you should have heard his grumble-gasp.
by Pletchdog March 1, 2013
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A word the new girl uses to describe her hunger during a presentation.
Girl this water helps with my tummy grumbles!”
by Pax stax cashx February 20, 2019
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Sucking dick from below while person on top is hovering over your chest, while shitting or rubbing shit on your nipples
I wanted a raise, so I gave the boss a proper dirty grumbles
by Chrometitty October 27, 2021
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An angry dwarf that is easily thrown around with the use of a cannopult, sling shot, cannon, golf tee, or mule.
Alex was being a grumbling midget so I sent him on a mule to Arizona.
by lasdjflasdjflasdjkf May 25, 2006
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Yet another term for going to the restroom, especially a public restroom with stalls.
So named because people tend to grunt, groan, and grumble while going poop, and the public restroom stalls are hut-like.
Well, I'm heading to grumble hut for a poo session. Seeya in about 30 minutes if all goes well.
by 9key April 6, 2006
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The most disgusting porn in the world - combing all elements of repulsion to create something which will make most sane people vomit, includes:
Coprophilia, bestiality, cum shots, sadomasochism, necrophilia, midgets, old people and zankos (see definition of a zanko)
Roger bashed off to grumble porn at 5.30 - his regular daily slot.
by Dave July 14, 2003
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