A beloved Sesame Street character who is green and furry, possessing a negative disposition on life. His name is Oscar.
Him? Oh, that's Oscar the Grouch. He lives in a trash can.
by MTF May 20, 2009
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Anyone who is awoken abruptly by an alarm clock or any other irritation source, that may occur early in the morning especially if it's weekends or holidays. Facial characteristics are:

-Semi closed eyes
-An unpleasant frown
-Facial expression from hell
-(In many cases) Aggressive reaction to the source of irritation.
Parent at 10:30 on a Sunday morning:
-Come on son, time to get up!

Hungover grouch:
-Noooooo. GO AWAY!

by Another random guy March 9, 2014
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An imaginary tycoon mogul that will own everything in the future. (Books, cars, magazines, recording studios, cellphones, computers, toilet paper etc.)
Yo man, Grouch is the future...theres no stopping it.
by Munnacles June 18, 2007
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The act of getting hit in the nuts really really hard. Usually only used when the hit is hard enough to incapacitate the person for more than a minute.

Can also be shouted when someone gets hit in the balls hard in an embarrassing or stupid incident.
"Oh man, when my brother fell off the bike seat the crossbar of the bike grouched him. He might have to go to the doctor."

Tim *to hot chick*: Hey baby, are those things real?
Hot chick kicks Tim in the nuts hard.
Tim *lying on ground holding balls*: UGHHHAUUUGH
Tim's friend: GROUCH!
by pantskick January 18, 2011
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1. International French finance firm that specializes in global commerce.

2. Extremely boring and mind numbing organization in the world.

3. Due to lack of interesting services, large amounts of boredom, in addition to the corporate drama, it is the first part of a phrase. (Phrase also known as The Shades of Grouch)
Intern Wang at Grouch is head over heals for soon to be legal assistant Rajeev. Rajeev comes to work with massive circles on his neck that look like the craters on the moon's surface. Intern Wang decideds to talk to Intern Meng about her frustration and they begin to elaborate on how fowl and gross the other co-workers are and how they should have a massive "social gathering" and get any pending issues out of the way.

All because of BOREDOM...
by Enslaved employee May 19, 2006
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Making beautiful, nasty, full eye-contact love in, around, or up against a dumpster, usually with a hooker from Craigslist and at your best friend's wedding.
Da'Ron returned to the ceremony with his date after grouching in the alleyway, disheveled, wearing only men's stars and stripes bikini underwear. "America, fuck yea" - garbage truck beeping could be heard in the distance.
by grouching4life September 2, 2019
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