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Anyone who is awoken abruptly by an alarm clock or any other irritation source, that may occur early in the morning especially if it's weekends or holidays. Facial characteristics are:

-Semi closed eyes
-An unpleasant frown
-Facial expression from hell
-(In many cases) Aggressive reaction to the source of irritation.
Parent at 10:30 on a Sunday morning:
-Come on son, time to get up!

Hungover grouch:
-Noooooo. GO AWAY!

by Another random guy March 8, 2014
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A bunch of assholes who decide for the world beyond it's will
A: What word comes too your mind when you hear about wars , financial meltdowns etc.?
B: Illuminati
by Another random guy September 18, 2012
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Most of today's media, music and movies.
- Have you heard Lady Gag...
- Aw man please no more bullshit for today
by Another random guy August 18, 2013
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