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Gross + cooch = grooch. A female with a very untidy, unclean, cooch/vagina. Most of the time the pubic hair is untamed, too long or dirty. Careless females usually have a grooch.
Damn! Did you see her grooch! And she wonders why it's been months since she's had sex.
by vericarolchellyjess April 05, 2011
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where you fuck something and take such an intense shit at the same time that you get a nose bleed
ye so like he saw this little fat porky pig and ran over and started grooching it brah it was so gay man shit and blood were like everywhere
by tristan is win September 01, 2009
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singlewhite-eggnog is someone who is very very very very nice.
You can refer to anyone as a grooch, but you are also referring to them as singlewhite-eggnog.
kathie: singlewhite-eggnog is a grooch.
singlewhite-eggnog: yes i am
by dinosaaaaaawr December 28, 2008
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