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Guy 1: "I just got the a groner from GOW3!"
Guy 2: "Hey! only Guatemalans can ge those"
by Guatman March 24, 2010
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when a girl gets turned on by a guy or when her nipples get hard. A.K.A a girl boner!
Omg! that guy is soooo hot he gives me a groner!
by Nicola Maria October 29, 2011
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Similar to a broner, which is an erection caused by hearing one of your male friends, or "bros" relay a story of a recent sexual conquest, a round of golf or a particularly tasty beer, but is an erection caused by a similar story told by a female friend or "gal-pal". Hence, groner

Normally a groner is caused by the description of non-sexual activity between your gal-pal and one or more of her female friends that, when pictured by a healthy, heterosexual male, causes blood to flow to the nether-regions, triggering a groner or even a massive groner for a really good story involving with insinuated "girl on girl" action.
"Dude, my friend Susie was telling me about how she recently got a Brazilian bikini wax and how her best friend had to see how it looked so she just dropped trou and showed off the whole works... I got a total groner and had to un-tuck my shirt just to cover it up... cool story but totally embarrassing!"

(Please note, that relaying a story about the circumstances that caused your groner to one of your male friends may cause him to have a broner or, what is otherwise known as a "second-degree groner")
by schweddy balls November 25, 2009
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