The word grom is shortened from the word grommet. Used mainly in surf culture, but is also used in the skateboarding community as well. A grom is young kid, usually under the age of 15, that likes to surf or skateboard. A grom refers to both genders male and female. Groms are known for going out either in the oceans surfing or streets skateboarding, but not just surfing or skating, but surfing and skating with all their hearts, with passion like any professional in the extreme sport world. . Groms are usually super chill and positive. They like to encourage their fellow surfer or skater friends. There is no room for negativity in the surfing, skating world. That’s not to say they aren’t competitive because after all that’s only human nature. Who wouldn’t want the chance to be sponsored by some really rad companies and travel the world doing what you love. So groms do have a competitive streak. Groms, kids that dig the extreme sport of surfing and skating. Having fun and living to catch the next big wave or skateboard down the ramp, doing tricks and just being an awesome kid.
That grom is a rad surfer.
by Krattsurf October 3, 2016
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Grom is short for Gromethius the Fearbringer. It is the black goop monster Luz noceda and Amity Blight fight in Enchanting Grom fight (ep 16) of the owl house. Grom will shapeshift into the challengers worst fear to get an edge in combat.
Grom is also sometimes used to refer to ep16 of The Owl House
Grom just shapeshifted into amitys worst fear... Which was being rejected by luz
by AmityNoceda January 27, 2021
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A person who surfs or even skates. They spend most of their time at the beach.
Lucy - That Josh is always at the beach.
George - Oh yeah well he's a grom aye?
by ledde July 1, 2015
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A badass little bike that cant do anything a big bike can. Except better!! Is just as fun and cost less. Gets pussy and will teach you that the streets are real.
Random stranger in public : Thats a badass little bike what is that?

Grom stunter : Its a grom.... Braaaapppp!
by Chicopmr October 7, 2017
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Someone that tries super hard to be cool but really is just a fake wanna-be that totally annoys you.
Man that Whitney dude is such a grom, he pissed all over himself after drinking a few Twisted Tea's. I bet he drops grommer's all the time in bars.
by Dr. Grommer, MD November 11, 2009
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The grimmest of the grim.
'Sweet jesus, did you just do a shit on my floor?! Dude, that is GROM!!!'
by Mr. Fisherman Beard April 14, 2013
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A title that used to be cool, is now an insult. Used for someone who surfs and slap boxes for no apparent reason. Gets drunk at least 4-5 times a week during the school year. Thinks they’re funny. Shacks (vapes) in the bathroom. Calls girls dabs ( D DRUNK A ASS B BITCH) yet cant handle their alcohol at all. Is usually high (no shame in that though.) Most likely will never move out of their parent’s homes. Sags their pants. Assaults girls. Basic definition for high school douchebags.

*live in La Jolla California*
I hate the groms I don’t want to take out with them. They’re just gonna explain to us why we should suck their dicks and then tell us and the rest of the school how badly we suck dick at sucking dick! Lose lose situation😒
by Lajollahigh September 28, 2018
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