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The word grom is shortened from the word grommet. Used mainly in surf culture, but is also used in the skateboarding community as well. A grom is young kid, usually under the age of 15, that likes to surf or skateboard. A grom refers to both genders male and female. Groms are known for going out either in the oceans surfing or streets skateboarding, but not just surfing or skating, but surfing and skating with all their hearts, with passion like any professional in the extreme sport world. . Groms are usually super chill and positive. They like to encourage their fellow surfer or skater friends. There is no room for negativity in the surfing, skating world. That’s not to say they aren’t competitive because after all that’s only human nature. Who wouldn’t want the chance to be sponsored by some really rad companies and travel the world doing what you love. So groms do have a competitive streak. Groms, kids that dig the extreme sport of surfing and skating. Having fun and living to catch the next big wave or skateboard down the ramp, doing tricks and just being an awesome kid.
That grom is a rad surfer.
by Krattsurf October 02, 2016
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A grom or grommet isnt necessarly a biginner surfer but a YOUNG surfer... usually under the age of 15. Most of the time people that are called groms are youngins who RIP (are good)
That little grommet surfs better than i do
by Travis Connolly July 03, 2005
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shortened form of grommet, meaning young surfer
if that grom drops in on me one more time i will kill him
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
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1. The word grom short for grommet is a surf culture slang term that originated in California and is used most often to describe any young kid who's a surfer despite their level of skill.

2. Evolving from surf culture, the term grom is occasionally used to describe young skate boarders, skiers and snowboarders too, though used less often.
"I prefer morning surf sessions before all the little groms get out of school and crowd the line-up."

"If that grom drops in on me one more time, I'll teach that punk a lesson in respect that he'll never forget!"
by EvetheBeav June 06, 2015
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1. n. Describes someone that is young and is a skilled skateboarder/surfer.

2. Downhillers (skaters that mostly skate downhill) are considered groms.
Whenever I visit Laguna Beach, I always see a bunch of groms about to kill themselves every day.

Most groms are sponsored by ABEC 11.
by damasteratlyfe November 20, 2011
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GROM - Operational Mobile Response Group. Polish special forces.
"GROM candidates were first subjected to a grueling psychological examination meant to search for confident and innovative soldiers as well as those who, though they might be lacking in physical strength, possessed the rare gift of internal iron will."
by soulie January 10, 2004
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