The greatest person on earth. He is so funny and sarcastic at times, also pretty immature. He has so many inside jokes and comebacks. Obsessed with Illuminati, and loves TV shows that swear too much.
Friend: "AMERICA..."
Griffin: "F*CK YA!!!"
by bluecanuk November 11, 2014
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A mythical creature combining two animals. The front half being an eagle, and the back half, a lion.
Gargoiles, and Griffins.
by C'lyn May 08, 2006
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1) the most amazing guy ever
2) always keeps you entertained
3) sometimes acts black
4) loves to listen to loud music
5) might be a little bit deaf
6) has no friends but 1
7) acts very mature for his age
8) loves to swim
9) pale
10) able to love
1) ooh he must be griffin
2) hahaha hes so griffin
3) damn griffin can rap
4) yeah the sounds coming from griffin
5) can you hear me griffin?!
6) am i your only friend griffin?
7) gez griffin you shouldnt know that
8) lets go with griffin to the lake
9) apperently you didnt go anywhere for spring break griffin
10) i love you too griffin
by its a secret :) September 02, 2009
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A warm, sweet, funny guy that will draw you in automatically. He is adorable, with a contagious laugh. Griffins are the kind of person you would want to have a loving, long romantic relationship with. One that doesn't want to makeup with you- but cuddle. He is very sensitive and caring. He is the perfect guy. Often paired with Michelle
Person 1: Isn't Griffin just so cool?
Person 2: Yes! He is almost perfect.
by thatoneguy117 March 04, 2015
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He is caring and sweet, very helpful, he is loving and he is an amazing guy to be with. He loyal and trustworthy, he is great guy... He is someone that can make u laugh and smile and make u feel all fuzzy and warm inside, he makes ur heart skips a beat, and he always makes sure ur ok and he can be protective and can worry, he cute, hot, smart, edgy and he really good at bikes and he has an amazing personality
Who is that biker?
Oh wait its Griffin!
by drummersilver1 October 20, 2018
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A hot funny sweet all around guy that could get any girl. all you girls out there don't judge because of his name he is nice and sweet with a nice dick. He is great with sex spooning making out and is super romantic.
Griffin wish we were a thing
by Dacoda April 23, 2017
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a substitution word that can be used in context in substitution of any verb noun or adjective
dude, it's like griffin:30 right now.
what the griffin!?!?!
who do i look like donald fucking griffin?
griffin doesn't grow tree's you know.
wana griffin later
by Sean&Rob June 14, 2008
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