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Once you find a Griffin in your life, never let him go. He is the funniest, coolest, cutest, and just a person everybody wants to be, or be with. His eyes are like water, soft and full of mystery. He makes you laugh to the point where you want to pee your pants. He's the class clown, the trouble maker, but he's the funniest and coolest guy you know. He's strong and independent. He is very athleticlly talented. He likes to play basketball with the guys in the gym, then likes to go skate with the guys at the park. He has a good sense of style and likes to wear clothes that make a statement. He doesn't care what anyone thinks about him and just wants to have a good time. He's the type of guy that you could get a beer with at 10, have a threesome with at 11, then go get tacos with at 12. He's a legend and he knows it. He just wants to make everyone laugh, but on the inside he's the nicest and most caring guy you'll ever meet. He makes you warm when he looks at you. He turns your most crappy days, into some of your best days, just by talking to you. He makes you laugh when you are sad, he makes you happy when you are mad, and makes you feel like the real person you are. So once you find a Griffin, never let him go.

Also, he is a half lion, half unicorn.
Guy 1: "Dude, Griffin is so cool. I wish I was him."
Guy 2: "I know. Griffin is a legend!"

Girl 1: "Have you heard Griffin's new joke?"
Girl 2: "No I haven't gotten to yet."
Girl 1: " It's so funny. Just like him!"
Girl 2: "I know, I wish Griffin was mine!"
Girl 1: "Every girl does."
by Matildafoot02 March 03, 2016

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