Mourning the loss of something, literally or ironically. Best used when referring to first world problems.
Friend 1 - Waitress has run out of quinoa.
Friend 2 - Grieve.
by Rosie&Holly March 21, 2017
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Funny, illegally blind, short term memory loss, and the best boyfriend.
He is a Grieve awesome great buddy friend.
by NgoL December 09, 2016
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A family full of psychological mad men. Aka a group of serial killers.
Damn there's MR Grieve! Stay away from that serial killer!
by Goddess Gabrielle May 10, 2014
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troubles, woes, miseries.
We were talking about my grieves
by cool_innit June 23, 2011
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You suffered something negative directly or indirectly affecting you.
Man 1: "Lost a bet today"
Man 2: "Grieved mate"
Man 1: "Fo Shizzle My Nizzle"
by Paul Armstrong July 15, 2003
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