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Gribbling, To gribble is talking a particular way of talking weirdly, often while people spout nonsense but not always. when one is gribbeling one sounds as though their talking out the side of their mouth often even though they may not be. an "aawwghh" noise is placed before or after sentences. Not exclusively but gribbling is often done by addict's and junkies, wasted people and those with issues, plus people who arn't all there...
"have you seen pete recently he needs to get of the stuff he's Gribbling like a mother bitch".
by urbanpricktionary May 26, 2011
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The act of a female inserting there index finger in the anus of a man and fingering said anus until anal juices flow freely and devouring the excess bodily fluid. Gribbling can only be preformed by a women on a man's anus
Man1: Bro, u should have seen this chick we went into the bathroom and guess what.

Man2: Oh no she didn't

Man1: Fuck yeah that bitch was Gribbling me hard
by Perfect specimen August 19, 2012
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A weak or pathetic attempt at grabbing.

Note: It is not uncommon to throw a "fenks" at a helpful friend after a successful gribble.
"Here you go steve, have this shoelace you've been gribbling at"

*steve stops gribbling*

by The Gribbler June 17, 2008
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