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A town of around 9000 people in Western Central Wisconsin, and is home to a few companies, such as Toro, Cardinal Glass, and a Walmart Distribution Center. There is also a VA and a few military bases, primarily Fort McCoy and Camp Williams, I think? Anyway, Tomah generally gets a bad name, look at the other things that come up when you type in tomah, such as Greyhound and Portablumpkin, but generally an ok town. Our schools are generally very average, and there is a bit of a drug problem, but overall its very similar to most other towns in Wisconsin its size, it has some very nice areas, and some crappier ones. What really makes Tomah unique is its huge outlying area, which makes it one of the largest school districts in WI. This also makes Tomah home to a very large "country" population, as displayed by its very large Tractor Pull. This can be seen as a con or a plus, depending upon the individual. What many can agree on, however, is that there is generally little to nothing to do here. People in Minneapolis and Milwaukee can claim this, but only we have truly experienced the boredom of a town that only has a bowling alley and a movie theater. But yeah, still home to some pretty amazing people - and no, not our "dazzling" local celebrities, but simply the general society at large. Maybe not the best small town in Wisconsin, but trust me, you can do a lot worse.....
Tomah Teenager: "Holy crap, there's nothing to do in Tomah!"
Other Tomah Teenagers: "How true..."

Often bashed by surrounding schools, despite the fact that their towns are almost exactly the same.......

Personally, after growing up in Tomah, I've seen some pretty crazy shit, but I believe that this will leave me better prepared to face the world at large - good luck to Tomah graduates of 09!
by BigBalls17 May 26, 2009
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slang for tomorrow; used in moments when simply saying "tomorrow" will take utterly too much time
Sheniqua: "I gon get my hair did tomah"
John: "Outside of the many grammatical problems I have with that statement, why didn't you just say 'tomorrow'?"
by Grammar Hammer January 07, 2012
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A Tomah is to go to your friends house get super high and then do something really stupid. Some stupid things would be streaking, burning a park, sneaking into a pool and getting caught.

Tomah is also a city of about 9300 people in Wisconsin. It's pretty boring city most of the time which is probably why most people get high here. Oh well. So if you want some bad
drugs come here to Tomah!
Boy: "Hey do you wanna go tomah?"
Girl: "Sure as long as it's not skinny dipping in that nasty lake!"

Boy: "Wanna go smoke somethig?"

Girl: "Why not? It is Tomah!"
by justcantthinkstraight November 23, 2011
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